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  • Teeth and Gum Health

    I asked this question in one of the contests but it disappeared after it posted.

    My question is, aside from the corrosive effect of soda, how are gum and teeth health improved or worsened with going primal?

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    I think this depends on your individual situation. For me, my gums stopped receding as quickly when I eliminated all forms of processed sugar. I am not sure if my gums are still receding or if I'm just dealing with some previously exposed roots now (some sensitivity with some foods). My teeth health has always been good.
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      This thread has a number of people remarking on improvements in dental health- everything from whiter teeth to no more tooth sensitivity. I was surprised at my last dental visit that the four crowns I had required 5 years ago are no longer required. Apparently my molars are no longer all cracked. Was it due to my more primal diet? No idea.
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        The answer depends on what the pre-primal diet looks like. Teeth are much like the rest of the skeleton and will de- or re-mineralize based on sufficient and usable vitamins and minerals. IME the primal focus on unrefined food, decreased meal frequency, and adequate sunlight are all groovy.

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          Primal diets bring in the animal based fat soluble vitamins A (NOT beta-carotene), K2 (NOT the k1 that is in leafy greens), E and some D. These are all very important for dental health, especially K2 which is almost always lacking in our diets. You need to be consuming pastured egg yolk, aged cheese (especially gouda) and grass-fed dairy, especially butter (grass fed meats too, but they have less k2 than the milk fat) to obtain K2. There is also natto, but that is hard to find and probably not so yummy.

          Bone broth is encouraged and that brings in minerals and collagen.

          Grains and legumes are discouraged which reduces our intake of phytic acid and lectins which prevent absorption of minerals.

          All these things are super important and key to healthy strong teeth that are immune to cavities. From the sound of your post I'm guessing you have not heard of Weston A. Price. I would seriously recommend looking into his book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. You can read it for free here: Nutrition and Physical Degeneration
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            A little non-primal sweetener like xylitol every day would definitely help too! I say non-primal because even though xylitol is found in fruits and veggies (small quantities), the refined stuff is definitely coming out of a heavy process. The end-product is pure xylitol as found in nature or in our own body, but the process to make it is not exactly primal ... but anyway, a few grams every day will do wonders, especially if you chew a xylitol only chewing-gum once in a while throughout the day (like after each meal, especially if you ate refined sugar as well).


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              I found that my teeth are cleaner throughout the day. They always feel nice and smooth, with no tarter build up.

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                Thank you all for the information. I was curious about it all.