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Dairy not agreeing with me.....

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  • Dairy not agreeing with me.....

    When someone says dairy is fine "if it agrees with you", what exactly does this mean? All foods agree with
    me in as much as I don't have a nasty physical reaction to anything, but I have a sneaking suspicion that my
    modest dairy consumption may be hampering my fatloss efforts....

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    The easiest way to find out if it 'agrees-with-you' is to eliminate all dairy based foods for 30 days. Then slowly start to introduce it again. If it makes you feel bloated, low on energy or you can a nasty slime in your throat it doesn't agree with you...
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      Only one way to find out for sure. Cut it out for a couple of weeks at least, and see what happens.
      "If it agrees with you" means different things to different people, I'm sure. I know dairy makes me wheeze and exacerbates rashes and skin issues. I do eat cheese sometimes, but overall try to avoid it. Yes, for sure....not eating dairy definitely helped with weight loss efforts (for me).
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        I didn't notice the post nasal drip that dairy gave me until I eliminated it for a while. As I would recommend for any potentially offensive food (offensive to your gut health & general health), eliminate it for a few weeks or a month and then try it again.
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          So try cutting it out for a few weeks and see how you look, feel and perform. You can always reintroduce it again if you don't notice any benefit from not eating it.

          Good luck :-)
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            It would also help to know whether the problem is lactose or the proteins. Personally, since my parents come from Kabylie (north of Algeria) I know that lactose is no good for me. I do just find on fermented dairy though and I prefer the A2 type just to be safe (as opposed to A1 or B beta-casein) so sheep, goat and A2 type cow dairy (Jersey, Guernesey, etc) is all good here.


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              Generally, if it's lactose, you will fart a lot. If it's the casein, you will have allergy symptoms. This is because lactose intolerance means that the sugars aren't digested and they ferment in your intestines which causes gas and casein intolerance is an actual allergy.

              The trouble with elimination diets is you can down-regulate your ability to digest lactose by going off it for a period. You'll become lactose intolerant when you weren't before. This has happened to me to some extent because I'm just not a regular eater of dairy even before going primal. It has only gotten worse over time. I have to eat a little bit just to keep my ability to eat it at all.

              I would highly suspect that if dairy products cause weight gain it's probably the calories. Cheese, yogurt, ice cream and other such delicious foods are so easy to eat way too much of. Who can stop after a 1" cube of cheese? Not I!
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