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Primal Failure And (I)BS

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  • Primal Failure And (I)BS

    Hi all

    Ok I just completed 21 days going primal (I think). the reason I say I think is because I had sweet potato with most evening meals. Think that's allowed. Either way I cut out grains and sugar for 21 days. Stuck to mean, nuts, veg, salad and sweet potatoes.

    Anyway the main reason I did it was to see if my energy levels improve. I wasn't really that bothered about weight loss, although certainly did notice less bloating and can see that sticking to this long term really would shed the weight you wanted to if that was your goal.

    Unfortunately I didn't see much, if any, improvement in energy levels in that time. So after 21 days I felt a bit disheartened. Was hoping this was going to help me feel more energetic throughout the day.


    After the 21 days finished a few days ago I went back to eating some grains. Had bread, cereal that kinda thing. Something I have noticed is that as soon as I started on the grains again I was going to the toilet a hell of a lot more (3 times a day versus 1 during 21 day trial). Now wondering if the grains give me IBS,or whether going primal made me constipated

    Also a number of people I spoke to about this way of eating said that cholesterol was a BIG problem and that I'm crazy for eating this way. Now I'm completely unsure what my next step is. Do I forget primal, and try to sort my energy other ways, or do I ignore the naysayers and focus on trying it some more to see how my body reacts with and without grains for a longer period.

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    When you are eating primally, your body uses most of what you give it, 'cause it is all good stuff. With grains, there is a lot of stuff your body can't use. What's not used up has to come out.

    You mention IBS. Is there just more volume, or do you have discomfort/change in texture/etc?


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      Look up the bristol stool chart. Ideal bowel movements pass comfortably as type 3 or 4. # per day doesn't really matter as long as there's no pain or discomfort.

      I would think that the grains are probably irritating your gut and that you have a sensitivity, so stuff is passing a lot quicker.

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        Thanks guys. Think the grains are defintely doing harm straight after a sandwich I need to go!