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nuts vs. nutbutter

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  • nuts vs. nutbutter

    Which is better? Eating tons of cashews or tons of almond butter?

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    neither. cashews are not a nut, but legumes. both have enough O6 to skid the O6/O3 balance. i guess macadamias would be best if you have to have nuts.
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      I don't think cashews are legumes, they are actually considered a seed. weird to think about.


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        If I had to choose I would take the almond butter (Raw) and as I always say, moderation is the key. If its only a single serving, it likely will not matter which one you choose!


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          Have you ever tried to limit yourself to a single serving of almond butter? It's damn near impossible I tells ya!

          Make some macadamia butter and you'll have the best of both worlds.
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            I think having too many nuts around is dangerous as well. I love almonds, walnuts, brazil, pecans, cashews, macadamia...... I would pick nuts over nut butter though.


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              Originally posted by robss View Post
              Which is better? Eating tons of cashews or tons of almond butter?
              Neither. "Tons" of anything is not good....well, except maybe tons of bacon. Also, be careful when you tell non PBr's you are craving nut it has drawn more giggles and odd looks than I could have imagined.
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