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Beef Jerky in Australia

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  • Beef Jerky in Australia

    This is a call out to all the Australians out their! Anyone know of a good brand of Beef Jerky. I cant believe with all the great beef we have here (I think Australian beef is some of the best in the world, but i may be biased ) that I cant find any decent jerky?!

    So all my Australian brothers and sisters? Where the beef (jerkey) ?

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    I wish. Every brand I've seen has a truckload of sugar in it. The farmer's market is on this weekend, I'm hoping one of the organics stalls might have something.

    Did a google and found, they claim to be 100% beef.


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      Hi TylerB,

      Welcome another aussie, I make my own as I found the
      jerky that you buy is horrible. And when you make you're
      own you know what is in it, plus it is very expensive to buy.
      When I make a batch, I take some done the local pub and
      they sell it, which reminds me I have to make some more, but
      we have to do another kill, the freezer is empty.
      Apparently they are screaming out for it again.
      Hubby loves taking it in the truck also.


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        I am trying one more provider, if not i will have to get you to send me some next time you make some!

        Its ridiculous though! So much great beef, and so little great beef jerky (at a reasonable price)


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          They are all terrible. I bought a big dehydrator and meat slicer and make my own.
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            All jerky in Australia seems to have either sugar or soy. Make your own.
            A steak a day keeps the doctor away