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Drastically decreased bowel movements

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  • Drastically decreased bowel movements

    I switched to primal a few months ago. I have had a drastic decrease in my bowel movements.

    I am a 22-year-old male. I tend to eat uncured bacon, pastured eggs, and homemade, organic yogurt for breakfast; a salad consisting of organic spinach, organic red bell peppers, broccoli, organic almonds, organic grape tomatoes, and a vinaigrette (EVOO and organic, unfiltered apple cider vinegar) and a hard boiled pastured egg for lunch; and a chicken breast with a slice of pepper jack cheese, baked organic butternut squash topped with olive oil, salt, and pepper, and a raw organic carrot for dinner. I drink a mug full of organic coffee every morning and a lot of water (probably close to two gallons). I am unfortunately not very active.

    As my username may suggest, I love donuts, and try making them my 20% (yes, yes, I know...). Since there is so much junk in donuts, I tend to go right after eating them. Otherwise, I may go several days before having a bowel movement. Is this normal? I spoke with a few friends who are on similar diets and they suggested that since primal eliminates junk food (bread, trans fat, etc.), my body has less waste to excrete. What do you all think?

    I will probably go see a doctor, but would prefer hearing some opinions first because I know my doctor will immediately tell me to eat more bread.

    EDIT: One other thought I had may be stress. I am in college and have a lot of projects due dates coming up, and I am looking for a job, all of which is putting me under an extreme amount of stress. Could this be the explanation?
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    If your donuts have baking soda in them, that might do it. I use magnesium to stay regular, as a life-long constipotato it's the only thing that works for me. I take 800mg to 1200mg per day of mag citrate.
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      I have been primal for over a month now and have noticed the same thing. I figured it was because my body is processing and using more of what I eat. Not as many 'fillers' as when eating breads and other things.

      I know with my dog, the vet said that when I switch him to science diet, that he will poop less because it has less fillers in it. I figure that is probably similar to humans also.

      I have been fortunate to not have a problem with constipation at all. Everything is easy going!
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        Fewer, smaller, easier to pass, mess free motions are a distinct benefit of paleo
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          Animal foods are almost entirely useable so not much goes through.
          If you don't have a problem otherwise then you don't have a problem just because of counting days.

          Given the amount of salad and such you're eating your schedule sounds a bit extreme.

          If you're bothered add fibrous vegetables and fruits, definitely no need for bread.

          You might start by adding some fiber to breakfast.


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            I'm new to this, but I also have issues in regularity. I wouldn't be able to eat cheese, that's for sure. I also use magnesium citrate on a regular basis (the capsules). And I noticed that fennel seeds are allowed, so I chew on crushed fennel seeds (1/2 tsp) (tastes like licorice). I know the feeling, and it can get scary. Hope things straighten up for you soon.


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              I've been worrying about this, too. But since I don't feel particularly constipated, for now I'm chalking it up to "my body is actually using all this nutritious food that I'm eating."
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                Prescript Assist probiotic has made even my primal/paleo 'activity' regular and easy.


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                  You're eating less crap so more of what you eat is actually used by your body. That equals less crap. Literally.
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                    Where are the fermented foods in your diet?
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                      My guess is your lunch is causing your constipation... I too used to eat huge salads with raw kale, broccoli, spinach, bell peppers, and cabbage with EVOO and balsamic and what do you know I was constantly constipated. I stopped eating raw kale, broccoli, and spinach and what do you know? I go almost every single morning like clockwork. Are you sure you are getting enough calories in?


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                        It was customary for me to have a bowel movement every three or more days for a long time, but I have IBS. I'm inclined to say it's normal not to go as much when you're eating mostly animal products and not very much fiber, but if you're experiencing pain, bloating, difficulty passing, and alternating between diarrhea and constipation, it's definitely a problem. But you didn't mention anything about that, so I'd recommend getting more fiber with things like sweet potatoes, mangos and plantains.


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                          If more of your calories are coming from fat than in your old diet, then you're body will create less faeces.
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