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    Originally posted by ChocoTaco369 View Post
    It's not just the PUFA, though that's a big problem since they'll likely polymerize inside the body to an extent. Those foods are very rich in estrogenic lignans, high in lectins, are very calorie dense, not very nutritious, very high in phytate and contain very poor quality fiber. People rag on grains for being difficult to digest - and they are - but nuts and seeds are even more difficult to digest. They're IMO the absolute worst. That's not to say I never eat nuts - I do here and there - but seeds like flax, chia, hemp...I can't understand why anyone would eat them. They're bad for you and taste terrible. It's just inflammatory stuff.
    This is why a lot of raw vegans soak or sprout their nuts and seeds as this is meant to neutralise a lot of the bad stuff. Obviously there are the PUFAs still to deal with but at least the digestive issues seem (for me at least) to be dealt with.
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