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    I am new to Primal eating, 25 years of low fat and weight lifting. I love the food we are eating, but 50% of my total diets is coming from fat. That seems high and based on the current medical information dangerous for a 50 year old man.

    We are doing Primal because our Doctor recommended when my wife was trending high sugar in her blood work.

    Are we doing this right? Should the total fat be that high? My carbs are in the 100 to 200 per day and I only use Stevia for sweetening.


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    I'm a 35 year old female. I use the Livestrong calorie counter to keep track of what I'm eating, and I enter things pretty religiously. So I can tell you that 50% fat is situation normal for me. 60% often happens. And I'm not drinking coconut milk, or anything that would jack it up. That's just from meat, butter and coconut oil. So yes, you're doing this right. 200 carbs is very much on the high end for me, I'm usually hovering around 100. But if it works for you that's fine.
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      I have great success on 50~60% fat. It sounds like a lot even though it's only about ~1/8 of the dinner plate by volume. Just be discriminating about the sources--no refined oil especially.

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        I try not to eat any refined, that I know about. Also, I do have one half cup of brown rice for lunch after weight workouts. Otherwise feel drained in afternoon. The worst thing is after work and coaching football 3 days a week I don't get to dinner until 9 PM.