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  • Two Minute Salad

    Hi I am new to primal nutrition and I recently watched Mark's video on his two-minute salad. However, I became confused when he added snap-peas or sugar-peas to the salad because I thought those were legumes and we should be avoiding legumes.

    Can someone please explain this to me? Are legumes which are edible raw okay or what?

    Thanks in advance,
    -Primally Confused

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    The question really isn't if it's paleo or not but if it's healthful or not. It's not strict orthodox paleo, it's primal and it's a blueprint, not a dogma. There is plenty wrong with beans but not much wrong with snap peas; eat up if it suits your tastes.

    In my experience what is paleo is usually healthy but not everything that is healthy is necessarily paleo. Just most of the time. There are exceptions.

    And actually come to think of it, snap peas are probably paleo. I think I'm conflating the bad stuff like legumes that you have to cook with legumes that you don't.
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