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    I normally buy the Nature's Promise brand at Giant.
    Uncured, nitrate free, very little sugar & low sodium.
    However the Kunzler Peppercorn bacon is awesome, a treat on occasion.
    Now I'm hungry


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      Originally posted by lea View Post
      Bacon is a sometime food for me, mostly because I hate cooking it.
      Have you tried baking in oven? Put it on cookie sheet lined with foil, set at 400, put in and walk away for 17-20 minutes and come back and walla! Don't preheat oven.......20 minutes!
      The life I have today is far better than I deserve.......

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        It's a wonderful condiment for me. The protein profile is fairly low.

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          Grunching somewhat, but here's what I know.

          1)The nitrites in properly cured bacon are now considered pretty innocuous if not totally harmless, and the studies to the contrary years ago have been discredited.
          2)The sodium content is now known without a doubt to not be anything to worry about for a healthy person, and downright beneficial for those eating low carbs.
          3)The saturated fat content is now known to not be a cause of any disease on it's own, contrary to the old myths, and it's actually essential for good health particularly in men.
          4)The tiny added sugar content in most good quality bacon is so low as to be insignificant.
          And 5) the PUFA/MUFA/SFA ratio is actually quite good in all pork, and the small amount of PUFA present shouldn't be a concern. You can't eliminate all PUFA and still eat healthy. Bacon is also one of the best sources of healthy MUFAs.

          So I eat bacon whenever I want it, and as much as I want, and feel good about it. My only precaution is to try not to burn it black, which can create some unhealthy compounds during cooking. That has to be balanced with cooking it thoroughly to kill pathogens and viruses that can live in pork. That's also one reason why you probably shoudn't buy nitrite-free bacon.
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            Read the bacon manifesto on Whole 9. Great read.

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              Originally posted by NewOldGuy View Post
              Grunching somewhat, but here's what I know.
              Sup bro?
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                I hard a hard time explaining to a friend that since I changed my eating habits (and lost weight) I buy my bacon from Costco. She was really puzzled!

                Cooking tip: I cook a huge batch in the oven (less messy) on Saturday morning and just need to re-heat it with my eggs during the week. Huge time saver + it's always nice to have pre-cooked bacon to toss in a salad or a lettuce turkey roll.