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Any olive oil experts out there?

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  • Any olive oil experts out there?

    In my quest to get into and stay in ketosis, I've found one of the easiest ways is to eat a little meat for breakfast and down some olive. Because I'm drinking it like a shot, I've noticed the taste, and it is really unpleasant. I've tried about 6 different kinds now and at the worst, they actually burn going down, and at best are just pretty bitter. The only one that tastes "good" is light, which is not EVOO, just OO, according to the lable. So I'm afraid I'm missing out on the health benefits.

    Are there health benefits to OO? (I read somewhere recently that olive oil, even EVOO, is not good for you.)

    Am I just getting rancid olive oil? 4 of them that I've tried *have* been from Costco, but one of them is their premium--$12 for 1/2 a liter. The only one (other than the light) that I can tolerate is from Aldi. Bertolli is on sale at my local store. Would it be worth trying that brand?

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    I just took a swig of some EVOO from California, and it tasted like liquid olives. Whatever oil you are buying likely isn't pure olive oil. Read this thread before randomly buying olive oil.

    I would use EVOO for drinking, if I were to start drinking it.


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      Why not eat a fattier meat, or add a fatty food, such as an avocado? Oils are not particularly rich in nutrients.


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        I recommend buying olive oil that is local to your country or close to it. So if you are in the states, buy olive oil made in California. If you are in Italy, buy olive oil made in Italy, and so forth. I really like the stuff made by California Olive Ranch. It’s sold at several stores in my area, even Walmart. Also, make sure to store your olive oil in the refrigerator to keep it from turning rancid.
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          It isn't necessary, nor really recommended, to keep olive oil in the fridge.


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            mmack66--thanks for that link. Costco's organic EVOO is one that is on the good list, so that's probably what I'll do. I also did find a local grower (I live in South Carolina) so I might try that too.

            quikky--I am doing a ketogenic diet and have no appetite. I'm keeping my protein at least 40-50 g. I have some sort of fatty meat for dinner, walnuts and avocado for lunch, but that leaves me with nothing for breakfast. I have some egg yolks (I'm allergic to the whites) or some sort of meat, like sausage or bacon, for breakfast, but in order to keep my calories above 1000, I have to slurp down some oil too. (Sometimes I have hot cocoa made with cream, vanilla, and cinnamon. That's pretty tasty .)


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              South Carolina you say? Let me know how that turns out, I might be interested in acquiring some.



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                I get first cold pressed Extra virgin olive oil, in a darker bottle, if possible in glass. Mine tastes good, but I only use it for cooking.


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                  Not to say a good quality EVOO is bad, but if ketosis is the goal, a shot of coconut oil is not only more effective for ketone production but has the better fatty acid profile to boot.
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