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Activity Level for Calorie Calculators (LeanGains/IF)

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  • Activity Level for Calorie Calculators (LeanGains/IF)

    When using calculators to determine your daily caloric needs most ask you to put in a gauge of physical activity. I lift three times a week and so I put in 'moderately active' which gives me a TDEE of ~2700 cals (I'm a male, 6'2", 215). Does that sound about right? I am re-calculating LeanGains macros to get over a stall and don't want to over eat. I usually don't eat more than 1700 or 1800 cals a day, and that is way to low and I think causing me to stall.


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    yea that sounds about right. Conservative even. 1700 cals is super low for your size.


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      As far as the activity level goes, your guess is as good as theirs.
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        IME those formulas are very scattershot. It can provide a starting point if you're totally lost in the woods but your own records over time will be more accurate.

        There's even some theories that punctuated activity (e.g. workout) makes us slightly slower and cooler for the remainder of the day so TDEE doesn't budge much. According to most trackers my work commute by bike is something like 750 kcal that I'm encouraged to add to my budget but there's no way my appetite or waistline would accommodate that.

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          I used to read a bunch on reddit/leangains and it seems that general opinion there is that 3 times a week lifting + 1h walking every day gives you lightly active. Anything less is sedentary according them. Moderately active would be lifting, walking plus having a standing job.


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            Lifting three times per week would probably fall under "lightly active". However, as you know, these are rough estimates, so you're probably going to have to make adjustments as you go.
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