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  • Bathroom problems

    I've been trying my best to live a primal lifestyle for about 3 months now, apart from probably over-training with my 5x per week crossfit schedule. Before I made the decision to go primal, and really for years now, I've had issues with bowel movements. I go two + times per day, and it always takes me at least 25 minutes. When I'm done I usually feel as though I could go again. My girlfriend has wanted me to see a doctor about this, but I insisted that my new lifestyle choices would fix this problem, however that has not yet happened. I do not eat dairy or grains, I do eat more fruit per day than maybe I should (2-3 cups some days). I would say I eat paleo about 90% of the time and when I do cheat it's beer or sugar that usually detracts me. I eat red meat, eggs, poultry, veggies, fish & nuts as my primary foods. Any thoughts or insights are appreciated. Thanks!

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    Do a google search of FODMAP foods. These irritate the gut and can cause problems. I would also cut out eggs, nuts/seeds for the same reasons. Im also trying to get my digestion on point. Ginger is supposed to help keep you regular.

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      I don't know much, but I do know that poops are supposed to be enjoyable...and relatively easy.

      I'd say to have it checked out.
      Do you currently supplement with magnesium? It's a great way to get things going.
      Also, if you're into holistic remedies, pick up a box of Smooth Move herbal tea (found in the regular tea section of most major grocery stores). Follow the brewing instructions (they're specific) and enjoy. These are only short term solutions, but they could help give you some relief in the meantime
      Good luck!


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        Are you eating your lacto-fermented and live culture foods like candy?
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          FODMAPS saved my sanity... check it out


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            I'll second fermented foods (for me kimchi and coconut milk kefir) and cut out the beer. I love beer, but the gluten hits me like clockwork -- with the symptoms that you describe. Do a test with beer if you want to be sure. I've been drinking more wine and even started hard cider to avoid gluten. Tried gluten free beer and they were also flavor free.