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Leucine (BCAA) and insulin resistance/met syndrome

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  • Leucine (BCAA) and insulin resistance/met syndrome

    I ran into something confusing in this thread about acne and diet. It caught my attention because when my 15yo daughter replaced her grainy, carby snacks with fruits, veggies, hard boiled eggs and greek yogurt this summer, her acne almost completely disappeared. The author of the linked article made a big deal about the connection between acne and too much insulin (as well as all the Western maladies related to metabolic syndrome), implicating leucine as a culprit and recommending reduced protein intake. (I think. He also recommended a paleo or vegan! diet to reduce carbs.)

    The leucine thing was both fascinating and hard to follow, so I went to Google and quickly found this article Potential Importance of Leucine in Treatment of Obesity and the Metabolic Syndrome touting leucine for the management of metabolic syndrome. Now I don't know what to think. My day job is engineering bacteria to make fuel and raw materials for consumer goods, so I sort of get metabolism, but dang, the whole field of human nutritional science is like that Indian parable of the 7 blind men describing an elephant x 1000.

    I know there are a lot of smart people here. I'm hoping some of them know something about leucine and insulin.
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