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Meat and weight gain?

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  • Meat and weight gain?

    I was raised vegetarian, aside from apparently ( I don't remember) eating seafood as a very young child. I found MDA and decided to start eating meat after 22 years without it. A year prior, I had ED tendencies and was underweight for a period of time. I had gained back the weight, still vegetarian, by the time I found Paleo.

    I took quickly to eating meat and it became a regular part of my diet. I was also following a bodybuilding-style lifting split. I ate Paleo 85-90% of the time with brief detours here and there. Yet almost a year later, I have gained 25 lbs that I don't need and don't feel as sure about my diet.

    Granted, I believe that most of it is muscle, as I can still fit into a lot of my clothes, even some that I wore when I bottomed out. Not my jeans, however. I was shocked to learn how much I had gained. Could the extreme gain be my body reacting to having meat for the first time ever? I wouldn't say I eat a lot of meat, either.

    Women-In addition, after having no menstrual cycle for 2 years, I got it back after about 6 months Paleo. Is this my hormones regulating?

    Also, this probably sounds silly, but I remember reading in either War and Peace or Anna Karenina a thin woman being described as "in need of some meat". And in an interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger, he mentioned not really being able to put on muscle because of the lack of meat in his youth, and once he had access to it he was really able to gain muscle. Sorry, I'm rambling.

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    Yes, to both. You have mostly gained muscle because you finally had easy access to meat proteins AND started lifting from an undermusculed-cut state. Do you feel you look better or worse? If you gained mostly muscule, but an inch or so of fat around the waist makes you unhappy, all you need to do is to go easier on the lifts, add a touch more HITs and sprints, go for leaner cuts of meat and lean out some, and you will be gorgeous.
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      Your body metabolism might still be screwed up from the ED a year ago. It is just re-equilibrating.
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        A regular menstrual cycle is a sign of good health for women... and lack of cycles signs of hormonal/health problems.

        Women also naturally put on weight on their hips for childbearing... whether we like it or not.


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          Heya, as a guy my opinion means nothing here but I have to add, skinny is not attractive. If you are lifting and have gained weight in muscle and a little padding to round out the edges, well that is sexy. If you have your body starting to react as it should that may be an indicator that you are healing the damage that you did previously.

          Women should be in the 20 22% body fat range to maintain health as I understand it. It is not all about weight it is about health. if you have to put on some fat for a while who cares really if your health is benefiting.
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            I would definitely say I look more "womanly", but I don't really like being this big. And I don't want to gain any more muscle. Is there really any need for me to continue eating meat, so long as I eat plenty of eggs and some full fat plain yogurt? Honestly I've only ever liked chicken and turkey, mainly because I can't eat beef and pork with a clear conscience. I guess I'm just worried that I'll keep gaining and gaining and never stop.
            How long would a body take to "recalibrate", anyways? It's been two years now since my lowest point. I don't really think the "I'm in recovery" excuse is valid for me anymore.


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              It is not all about weight it is about health.


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                Eating more than you use for living = weight gain. It can be meat, potatoes, or unicorn sparkles.

                Perhaps when you started eating meat, you very much increased your caloric intake. If it was just enough to get you out of unhealthy skinny to healthy normal, the weight gain should stop. If not, you'll have to examine how much you're eating. If you eat like a 250 pound construction worker, you'll eventually look like one.
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                  JoanieL is right.

                  I understand that you also have ethical conflict involved, but from a standpoint of just weight loss here are my 2 cents.

                  If you do not like how you look, review what you are eating and see if the weight gain is actually due to meat or the full fat yogurt? In my experience, fat puts on pounds faster than lean meat. Chicken and pork might also promote weight gain around the waist, due to O6. Grass-fed lean beef and wild fish are actually the best. From dairy, fat free dry curd cottage cheese is better than yogurt in terms of leanness. Beans >>nuts. To be honest plenty of eggs for me is a recipe for gaining weight, because I do not get full on eggs (I need 4-5 to feel full, caloric value of 300-380), but a shake of a can of tuna with 1/2 c of egg whites and spinach is totally filling (at a caloric value of 200-250).

                  You can always do a cyclic diet test, when you monitor your weight depending on what you are eating to determine your satiation mechanism and body response.

                  At a guess, seafood, with a prevalence of non-fatty wild fish (cod), oysters, clams, shrimps, few eggs and greens, maybe some beans and a touch of low sugar fruit and occasional dairy product will help you lean out and feel well.

                  As for your workout regimen, if you want slimmer muscular profile, swimming is the queen, but hard to achieve on the daily basis. You can also try Martial arts, lighter kettlbells, whatever combines aerobics with muscular endurance.
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                    Your War and Peace reference regards a totally different era in which people were concerned with starvation and Arnold is referring to bodybuilding. You cannot build a massive body full of muscle if you don't eat a lot of protein so that's what Arnold is talking about. And you cannot have radiant health and beauty if you are starving.

                    I think you should just eat your eggs and yogurt and go from there. It's what you want to do anyway. At some point in your life maybe you will come to understand that a strong body with heavy bones and plenty of muscle will be an asset in your old age and maybe being strong will interest you then.
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                      Post up in the motivational vanity pics thread, perhaps we can better get a feel for your dilemma.



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                        Thank you everyone for your advice. Excuse me if I sounded whiny. It's hard to find a good outlet to get advice. Everyone has such different opinions and ways of thinking. However, I will try watching my portions and eating different ways to test my body's response.
                        Excuse my ignorance, but I thought that full fat was the "foolproof" way of eating, ketogenic and all that?


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                          Nothing is foolproof, because fools are so ingenious.

                          Erm, I always say that when I hear foolproof. But, no, ketogenic is not The One True Way. As humans are all different, and ever-changing, particularly the females of the species with their ever shifting hormonal ocean ebbs and flows, so is the nutritional "it" for an individual.
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                            Fact: Meat builds husky babies

                            Meat Builds Husky Babies! Sociological Images
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                              By shake, do you mean that you drink the tuna, egg whites, and spinach blended up? How is the taste?