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i duuno, i just don't think i can do veggies....

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  • i duuno, i just don't think i can do veggies....

    this may be a bit TMI, but i could use your input. i want to love veggies, i really do. raw or cooked, they cause gut churning, bloating, and (this is the TMI part) they come out fast and furious and looking the same as they went in, only chewed up...

    does it mean i am deficient in something to digest them?

    what do i eat if i don't/can't eat veggies with my meat/fat?

    any ideas?

    again...sorry for the tmi..

    and i'm not new to lc (lc meaning meat, veggies, fat, and fruit) by any's been a gradual change over time of being on lc

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    There was a thread recently where people argued that you can skip veggies and get everything you need in fruits and organ meats like liver.


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      Some folks get by without much veggie matter just fine. Me, I think there is something wrong with your gut when you have a response like that!

      I strongly suggest seeing a doctor about getting your stool tested for bacteria or parasites. There are tons of supplements I could suggest to you, but this will be the fastest/easiest way to find out what you are dealing with.

      Start drinking lots of bone broth!
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        Non veggie side dishes for meat dishes:

        Cottage cheese
        Fruit salad or a cup of berries, etc.
        A lobster tail
        More meat

        Also, OP, are you saying the entire plant kingdom gives you the runs or the green leafies or ??
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          I would say you have something wrong with your gut, look up intestinal bacterial over growth issues here. I have a book you might want to read as well, it may help you figure out whats going on.

          it is by Aglaee Jacobs and it is called "Digestive health with real food"

          She specializes in helping folks figure out what the heck is going on in there, she helped me greatly.

          But if veggies are going through you hard and fast then leave them alone for now. Stick with moderate protein high fat and lots of bone broth as soups.

          Take the time to find out what is causing this.
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            Are we talking all the veggies under the sun, or just greenies? Have you tried things like winter squash and yams? I've never found that my body handles those the same way.

            While I think that veggies are great and delicious, you don't need them. Just make sure that you're getting all the nutrients you need from muscle meat, offal and fruit.


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              thank you for your input. i need to get my yearly pap and what not some time, so i will mention this.

              yes, saw that thread, uselis. but am wondering too why this would be the case too. i know it seems like i'm asking for medical advice, but more ust looking for insight or someone with similar issues?

              joanie...all leafy stuff, diced onions/peppers, brussel sprouts cooked in meat, apples, broccoli/cauli.

              sweet potatoes seem fine, so am wondering about incorporating cold, roasted reg potatoes, too.


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                thank you for the book rec, warmbear....appreciate it!

                i mentioned potatoes/yams seem fine, and also forgot about zucchini...seems fine. zucchini noodles with pasta sauce anyone? yum.


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                  just bought the kindle version of that book, warmbear. looking forward to reading it.


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                    I have had this issue of gas, cramps and everything coming out looking the same as when it went in when I've gone backpacking. I make my own dehydrated vegetables. I have come to the conclusion through trial and error that raw vegetables combined with not enough water rehydrating them is the problem. Dehydrating cooked vegetables helps 90% and ensuring enough water to rehydrate solves the rest.

                    Why should you care? Perhaps more cooking or cooking more thoroughly and also drinking more water will help. I suspect cooking will help the most. So try veggies that taste best well-cooked and try roasted, caramelized, baked, mashed, added to soup or stew or other methods that break the fiber down a little better.
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                      If you're fine with sweet potatoes and courgettes (zucchini) then also try carrots, cucumber, melon. You might be able to cope with swede and turnip too, though since you've reacted to other brassicae it might be worth being cautious there. I agree with sbhikes about thorough roasting and stewing.


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                        Please read my response in the Gut Healing thread:


                        In addition to the suggestions there, well cooked veggies are easier to digest than raw or lightly cooked. You might also want to try adding in some digestive enzymes and maybe some HCL (you can get some digestive enzymes which have HCL in them) to help your body break things down.