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    What's the maximum amount of protein that we can eat at any one time? Thanks.

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    Tarlach claims to have meals that top three hundred grams in one sitting. I'm guessing that involves massive quantities of meat probably washed down with protein shake. I guess the answer is the biggest most massive quantity of steak that you can get down.


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      What I meant was, what is the maximum amount of protein our bodies can utilize from any one meal?


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        Too many variables to give a solid answer. The protein needs between someone who is 140lbs vs someone who is 340lbs will differ greatly. Also, what if the person has eaten protein an hour before? Or not eaten all day? Don't fret these things, just make sure you get enough over the course of each day / couple of days.


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          Unless you are doing some serious power lifting your body won't need more that one gram per pound of lean body mass to repair and build your muscles. Protein makes a poor fuel source though so most of the extra protein that is consumed beyond what it needs will just be wasted.