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The basics of gaining healthy weight?

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  • The basics of gaining healthy weight?

    My 28 year old active husband lost 10 pounds this summer. He is 6 feet tall and was at 165 pounds. He is now down to 155. He has been gluten free since the spring to reduce inflammation that was causing him joint pain. He would like to gain the weight back plus some. I on the other hand need to lose 20 pounds.

    I know how to lose weight but I have no idea what to feed him to help him gain weight in a healthy way. Help! Also he is NOT really primal but he will eat whatever I put in front of him as long as it is not a meal salad or I try to serve "breakfast food" at supper or vice versa. Oh and did I mention I am on a budget?

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    Super easy. Its common for guys especially to get too thin, or lose more weight than they like on Paleo, since they have cut out pretty much all carbs a lot of the time. I would suggest adding in more carbs into his diet, especially on the days he is active.

    You mention your husband is gluten free, which is great. What about the starchy root vegetables?

    Sweet potatoes are the best source, I would suggest sweet potatoes mash, blend in generous amounts of grass fed butter with a pinch of sea salt. Thats my go to meal for recovery on high energy output days.

    Normal potatoes are fine as well, prepare them any way you like, roasted with butter, stir fried in coconut oil are good options.

    Finally, although not strictly paleo, white rice is about as pure a form of starch as there is. Basically no nutrients but no bad things either. For athletic purposes its awesome.


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      Thanks. I figured upping his starchy carbs would probably be the ticket.


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        +1 for more carbs.

        Also, more calories. I'm 23, 5'11", and 170 pounds; I've been steadily gaining weight eating around 3,000 calories per day. That kind of food intake along with strength training and proper sleep should do the trick.

        As far as budget goes, I'd definitely recommend coconut milk, bananas, potatoes, ground beef, and white rice. Cheap, calorie-dense, and nutritious (white rice aside).


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          Both starchy carbs and more fat. I've been told repeatedly by certain board members how efficiently we store fat as fat. Well to me that tends to indicate far less likelihood of dysfunction from metabolizing and changing energy forms. That is less stress on the system AND less oxidative stress in general.

          So for healthy weight gain eat to fill or at least maintain his carb needs while inhibiting lipolysis. I would go 150g/day from starchy carbs and then tack on extra healthy fats and proteins for structure first (yes both needed for structure) then enough at a surplus for some storage.
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            Does he lift weights? If not, he should start a weight-lifting regimen. This will ensure that the extra calories he consumes goes to building muscle instead of fat. Also make sure that he gets at least 1 g of protein per pound of lean body mass.

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              Originally posted by diene View Post
              he should start a weight-lifting regimen.
              very truth, very truth.
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                Eat lots of eggs, grass fed beef and lamb, lift very heavy weights once or twice a week.