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Scary article about olive oil...

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  • Scary article about olive oil...

    Here is an article about olive oil and all of the scams around it, Olive Oil Scam REVEALED (And How To Spot The Real Stuff) | Mama Natural. Thank god for Costco. There brand is on the list of safe ones to buy.

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    Is this happening in other countries as well?!


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      Note the brand is Kirkland Organic which I have not been able to find in Costco but is available on

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        Most olive oils are fake. You basically need to go to a specialty store and preferably be able to see the lab reports yourself. If you are getting grocery store olive oil, it is, at best, canola/soy/sunflower etc mixed with some olive oil. There are other ones that are even worse, including inedible oils. It's really sick. If you want the real thing, you'll have to pay for it.


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          I went to the market across the street earlier to get olive oil and they only had the junk brands so I just bought extra avocado and put that on my salad instead. Another "healthy" food filled with junk, what is the world coming to, it really sucks. I guess I will have to hunt for one of the 5 approved brands mentioned in the article or just make dressing from avocado. I did think it was strange when Dr. Mercola posted what he eats everyday and said he makes his salad dressing out of grass fed butter. I bet this is why.


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            Are any at Trader Joe's good quality? Does anybody know?
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              Well dang, my Colavita has a bunch of impressive-sounding certifications on the label.

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                After reading the linked REPORT, things don't look as dire as I feared -- for the major brands, most of them slipped down to a rating of "virgin" rather than the "extra virgin" that they tout on the label. So what's the difference between virgin and extra-virgin? Apparently, it is a slight degree of mustiness or rancidity that can be tasted if you have a really sensitive palate.

                In other words, still pretty good, but not quite up to the premium grade that is on the label (and that you're paying for). I feel a little ripped off that the brands I've been buying for years (Pompeian and/or Carapelli) are in the down-graded "virgin" group. However, I really can't taste the difference.
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                  Is your olive oil lying about its virginity?
                  That article gets awesome status just for that quote.


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                    I assume most of us are just using it for things like salad because it isn't very stable when cooked. What other oils would be good and not too expensive. I currently use MCT oil for salad with a little bit of (possibly fake) olive oil for flavor, along with apple cider vinegar and salt and spices. Macadamia is supposed to be good, but very expensive.

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                      I love having access to an uncle that sells his olives to an organic olive oil producer in Cali. I get free bottles of that stuff almost every time I see him.

                      I've toured the factory so I know it's legit.
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                        It's very disheartening. I bought olive oil for making soap, so I guess I have canola soap! It worked tho and at least I'm not eating it.
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                          I just made a large jar of salad dressing from Newman's Own- I'm SO disappointed!


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                            huh. maybe this is why years ago i quit buying olive oil--i can't stand the taste! ALL olive oil tastes rancid to me...maybe my tastebuds were warning me.
                            Anyway, i replaced oo with avocado oil and love it--it's not expensive (costco has organic at a good price, as does my local persian market), it's lighter, and tastes much better. Can do anything olive oil THINKS it can do!


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                              The California Olive Oil Council is about the only watchdog for this industry. Olive oil is one product where you really want to "buy local" (as in within your country, and here in the US, that's primarily California).

                              More info here: California Olive Oil Council :: Certifying California Extra Virgin Olive Oil since 1992

                              I'm a broken record about this, but once something becomes popular, you can bet dollars to donuts that someone, somewhere is going to figure a way to corrupt it for a few pennies more profit per unit. Olive oil became the "healthy" (and therefore popular) oil about 20 years ago. Other popular items that are raised like crap: most of the beef, pork, chicken, eggs, and milk in the U.S. And of course farmed salmon.

                              As a note, while olive oil does have too low of a smoke point for deep frying, it's perfectly fine for sauteing veggies. My favorite warm salad is sauteed spinach and tomatoes.
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