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    So I'm at hour 18 or so (I don't exactly know when I stopped eating yesterday night; maybe around 8 or 9 or 10) of what I intend to be a 24/25 hour fast--my second this week.

    The first fast I did on Tuesday; Tuesday after breakfast to Wednesday morning. Tuesday/Thursday are long days for me--I have 3 classes, I hang out at school all day, and I go to Krav Maga at 8 pm. I don't get home until around 1030 pm.

    My question is whether there would be any benefit to NOT breaking the fast when I get home tonight after Krav Maga. I know that there is some evidence that anything longer than 18 hours doesn't provide much benefit, but I wonder about this. If you don't start losing muscle mass until you've been fasting for 72 hours (I saw another poster write this, I have no idea if its really true), then what is going on in between hour 18 and hour 72?

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    I think you just level out and so there's no real point in going above the 24 hour mark except maybe higher levels of calorie restriction, mental toughness, cleansing etc. Personally I don't go above 24 unless I'm not hungry. I've seen youtube videos of people on water-only fasts closing in on a month, some even go 40 days (like Jesus?), didn't even think that was possible. (Watch this video: so going a long time without food is possible but I just don't see how healthy it is. It seems the girl in the video did it as a crash diet, lost 28lbs in the process, but doesn't look so great or energized, almost sleepy and zombie-like. Some cojones on this broad though to go without food for so long!

    Also, read this if you haven't already:
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      The continuing benefit, of course, is that your body will be burning fat. The problem though is that your body also needs nutrition. I normally don't go much over 24 hours without eating because while I know that my muscles won't start wasting away they do need protein to repair themselves and it's hard already enough to meet my daily needs that way.