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Things your butcher will give you for free

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  • Things your butcher will give you for free

    Pork rinds for delicious homemade pork scratchings.
    Suet for rendering into cooking fat. Often comes with quite a bit of meat still attached, for a free meal.
    Bones for stock.

    What else can you get for nothing?

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    I have to pay for all of those.
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      I've never gotten anything for free from the butcher. They make pet food and sell bone broth, so there is little waste for them.
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        My regular butcher doesn't give anything for free, but we went to the farm to pick up our grass fed beef this past Saturday, and I asked for bones for broth. She gave me a 50lb box of frozen marrow and knuckle bones, as she didn't have any freezer space for it and said I was doing her a favor. My butcher charges $2 per lb. YIPPEE!!!!

        Of course, my freezer is now packed.


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          Dog bones, marrow bones, chicken livers
          plus he usally throws in a couple packs of sausages or cheaper cuts of meat free(last time was sausages, mince and beef shoulder steak)
          Might have something to do with me spending £300 odd quid though lol

          The Dairy farm i go to usally rounds my bill down -and often throws in stuff they have thats short dated.. Even got a whole rabbit a few weeks ago!
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