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Counting 'Sugars' vs counting fructose

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  • Counting 'Sugars' vs counting fructose

    I have just begun following Paul Jaminet's Perfect Health Diet after an unsuccessful attempt at ketosis/VLC eating. Since reintroducing potatoes at every meal I have noticed better satiety, mood, and athletic performance. One thing I would like to keep in very close check, however, is my fructose consumption; i've positively associated it, at least in myself, with increased hunger, preoccupation with food, and digestive discomfort.

    Now I've been tracking my sugar intake with the myfitnesspal app and have been struggling to keep it within Jaminet's 25g/day range that he prescribes (I keep hitting/sometimes exceeding 50g/day) until I realized that the "sugars" category in the nutrition facts probably includes both fructose AND sucrose content of the food. As many of you know, sucrose is composed of both glucose and fructose, so the sugar content will usually be higher than the fructose content. I looked into it and came across this chart that very helpfully informed me of the "total metabolic fructose" content of various fruits: High Triglycerides | Low-Fructose Fruit List - Full of Health Inc.

    So my question is, without any accurate way to track fructose intake in the app, should I be concerned when my total sugars are in the 50g or so range? I've been following Jaminet's advice: I fast for around 18 hours and eat two meals within a 6 hour window, each of which contains about 8oz meat, 8oz potato/rice and 8oz berries/carrots (sugary plant foods). I'm a 5'8 160 pound fairly active (PBF bodyweight stuff twice a week and daily light gymnastics work) male looking to maintain/very gradually add muscle mass.

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    I am about the same height I think (173cm) but weigh about 68kg. That's what in lbs, 152lbs ? Do you have a specific reason to go into so much minutia unless you have fructose malabsorption ? I don't know, I never gave fruits a critical look, I go by the season usually and I prefer green bananas to start the day (usually around 1 or 2pm) with a few pumpkin seeds and a little salt. Today I had 4 of them, half of the carbs must be resistant starch, the rest natural sugar (the bananas were green - yellow so not that green, but I could taste the starch alright). I do body weight WO and I put on muscle mass since I started. I was skinnier before it. I eat tons of animal proteins though so that might explain it. Yesterday, I had 6 eggs, some duck rillettes, and a huge portion of pumpkin soup my wife had prepared (with tons of onions in it). I ate plenty of strawberries and blueberries in fermented milk mixed up with xylitol and vanilla. A little dark choc in the end just for the taste.

    Today, I don't know, I have some kiwis and nectarines left, and I plan to finish them. Not sure I would bother counting the fructose.


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      Well I'm just tracking things temporarily to gain a solid impression of what 8oz meat, 8oz starch and 8oz low sugar fruits/veg look like on a plate. I believe something like this combo twice per day will yield best results for me in terms of performance, satiety and mood, but we'll see. The experiment is ongoing.


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        I puzzled over this as well and never really found a good way to track it. A whole fruit will have a mixture of free glucose, free fructose, sucrose, and maybe other stuff like maltose (glucose x2). USDA database is pretty spotty with these details.

        But I don't think any great precision is needed. As long as we treat fruit as a dessert and not a meal we're probably fine. Seasonal variety will prevent any serious overloads. My favorites are strawberries, grapefruit, cantaloupe, and nectarines. I'll do kiwi, mango, pineapple when they're reasonably fresh and affordable. I'll pick apples and grapes infrequently. Overall I wouldn't sweat it--the hepatic fructose channel is there for a reason and hard to logjam without refined sugar.

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          If fructose is your main concern, you can eat foods or fruits low in fodmaps to minimize it: Complete fodmap list for a happy gut | Blog | Cassandra Forsythe » Connecticut's Female Fitness and Nutrition Scientist
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            This is all very good to hear, because I'm feeling quite nice on this theoretically high intake of sugar. Myfitnesspal is registering 80 grams (out of an RDA of 45g/day) of sugar coming from only one piece of fruit, half pound of berries, a few carrots, and half pound of sweet potatoes. I'm fairly active doing LHT twice a week and light gymnastics skill work daily, plus tons of walking and biking. Should I be concerned and actively try and reduce the overall sugar intake, or am I OK?


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              Originally posted by picklepete View Post
              I puzzled over this as well and never really found a good way to track it. A whole fruit will have a mixture of free glucose, free fructose, sucrose, and maybe other stuff like maltose (glucose x2). USDA database is pretty spotty with these details
              This varies wildly according to ripeness, variety and growing conditions anyway


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                Fair enough. So not worth stressing over, I suppose