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    Originally posted by amyb View Post
    Yes, I put salt on all foods including salt on veggies and all other meals. I'm going to try going with the pink sea salt etc...that stuff is just expensive!! Its not the athletics I don't think, I drink well over 64 oz of water a day, I've been adding electrolytes and minerals to my water now, I tried taking magnesium and it gave me the runs!

    any other suggestions? thanks for your help!!
    Why so much water? It could be that you're drinking too much for you. I know when I drink upwards of 2L/day I find myself using more salt, too.

    Work your way up with the magnesium, if you take a lot right off the bat, well, you've already found out what happens. Start with 200mg/day, let your body adjust to that for a while, then add in some more.

    As for water retention, salt may or may not be the cause or make it worse. I've been dealing with full-body edema for over a year now (poking my shin/ankle like described above leaves a lovely indent and white spot for several seconds) and my naturopath advised me both to not overdo it with drinking water and to use salt liberally.

    I don't know that I'd worry about it if I were you...sodium is very vital in the body and if you're craving it as much as you are, there's a reason for that.


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      Originally posted by ChocoTaco369 View Post
      The problem with Paleo is it is typically a low salt diet. The studies I've seen show the optimal intake of sodium is nearly DOUBLE what the US Dietary Guidelines recommend. Low salt intake correlates with hypothyroidism and weight gain. I have PURPOSELY increased my salt intake. A LOT. When I wake up, I pour a little salt in my palm and lick it off. Seriously. Salt is incredibly important, and the studies that show salt negatively are epidemiological hogwash and just correlate with a high intake of processed food since pre-packaged meals, chain restaurants and fast food is where Americans tend to get their salt. A whole foods diet consisting of meats, fruits and vegetables is going to be deficient in sodium, so add it I say!

      My thing is salted watermelon with cinnamon and coconut flakes. OH MAN!

      And do you work out a lot? Remember, the more you sweat, the more salt you need.
      I second the Paleo=low salt warning. I crashed the first few weeks going Paleo since I no longer ate prepared foods that typically contain a lot of salt. Doing all of my own cooking with whole ingredients. I already had low blood pressure and a low resting heart rate (90/60 and 44bpm in bed at night) but I wound up feeling shocky. I happened to be at the OB-GYN for annual visit and my BP read somewhere around 85/50. EEEK.

      Adding Himilayan sea salt and eating more bacon really helped. I've also put back a little caffeine with my Crio Bru in the morning. If I pick up a virus I can still feel crappy like I did before, but increasing salt again seems to help.

      So, I guess your addiction is all relative based on your preconceived notion of what is proper salt intake and the idea that salt is 'bad'.

      Try measuring out the amount of salt people here say is optimal and put in a bowl. Use only that salt during the day and see how much you actually use.

      Yes, and exercise increases your need more than you realize.
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        I just read a two part article by Chris Kresser regarding salt. It's pretty interesting. Basically he said don't worry about salt consumption unless you are elderly or have a renal problem. If you Google "Chris Kresser salt" it will pull the articles up. I can't link it from my phone.

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          Originally posted by Wildrose View Post
          One thing I would say, though... I'm not sure the trace minerals make expensive salts worth it. They certainly have no effect on taste. Apparently, what affects taste is the size and shape of the crystals, like kosher salt compared to regular table salt. Personally, I just use iodized salt for most things. More iodine doesn't hurt.
          I was going to ask where kosher salt falls. That's I use and it does make things decidedly more salty tasting than regular salt.


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            So glad this was brought up. Was afraid that I was maybe having too much salt. Don't have blood pressure issues, not sure on water retention.
            Anyway.... I don't add A LOT, but I do enjoy salty stuff. Good to see I don't have to give it up
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              Originally posted by amyb View Post
              I'm adding WAY too much salt to all of my food, all of my food. Salty sweet is my current addiction...salt to fruit and nuts...
              I eat all veggies, fruits, protein, healthy fats, nothing processed.

              Its out of control. I've been tested for the disorder that includes a craving for salt and don't have that. I'm hooked on nuts because of the salt factor...even if they are raw I have to add my own.

              Help...I gotta kick this. Anyone else successfully kick a salt addiction? Any advice is appreciated.
              Well, in my opinion, the best way to kick this habit is to learn how manage it. For instance, I have a very bad sweet tooth, it runs in my family and I believe I got it from my gramps since he loved candy. Anyways, what I usually do is since I have a bad sweet tooth, I plan ahead and eat really good foods during the day and then at the end of the day I'll treat myself with a little something something.

              Or you can go a different route and have something salty with your meals every other day, every other two days or once week. Whatever works for you, everyone is different. You could also try slowly getting yourself off of salt by slowly taking out salt from your foods a little at a time. It's not going to be an overnight success and does take some time, but going back to my point. I believe it's best to learn how to manage salt addiction. Don't worry you're not alone in this, and everyone has their "kryptonite" when it comes to certain foods.
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                Originally posted by lea View Post
                I was going to ask where kosher salt falls. That's I use and it does make things decidedly more salty tasting than regular salt.
                The way kosher salt differs from regular salt is the shape and size of the crystals. That makes it the salt of choice for anything you want to have a crunch, and it melts differently in your mouth from regular table salt. If you're salting a dessert I think kosher is what to use.
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