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    I stepped on a fishing hook today, pierced right through my VFF's and lodged itself into my big toe. Unfortunately I had to cut the shoe off to see the damaged. After finding a fisherman willing to help with a pair of pliers, I was on my merry way. I got a tetanus shot 11 months ago, so no worries there. My main goal is to keep it clean and covered for a few days.

    This got me thinking, was Grok at the mercy of tetanus and all the other possible infections from injuries? Or if he was healthy, did his constant exposure make him immune to some degree?

    Just curious to see what others think.

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    Well, I've never had a shot in my life, and I've stepped on my share of sharp metal things (though not as often as you'd think, going barefoot). Never got any disease, or anything. >shrugs<

    Sorry, I know I'm no help.


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      Its not the seed but the health of the soil. An old saying. If everybody that came in contact with pathogenic bacteria caught that particular disease then no one would be left to discuss it. Not to say healthy people don't get sick. To the contrary, illness is an important part of continuing health. How an illness or disease manifests and proceeds in a healthy host is quite different from how it does so in a sickly body. Here is an interesting read and a philosophy on disease and health I find congruent with my own. This particular one is a short one on virus:

      Dr Philip Incao

      I stabbed my self about 100 times with a fishing hook last time I was out (I'm not a good fisherman). Never really thought twice about it to be honest.

      None of that really answers your Grok question though does it? I dunno. I'd imagine that when they were well fed and not bleeding to death they were pretty damn robust, and not too likely to succumb to disease. When they were starving, malnourished, and missing a limb or living with a broken leg that nobody could set....well yeah they probably died of infection and disease very frequently
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        According to Jared Diamond H-G immunity is much weaker than neolithic settlers who spend all day around livestock and community sewers, and proved a disadvantage every time the two groups fought.

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          With our hygienic ways it's easy to conclude that our immune system is in a much lesser state than it would be in early human days. You can easily see the difference now between kids. Pay attention to children, the one that's always playing in the dirt and doesn't have a clean-freak parents will be much less sick than the child that stays inside and have a parent that is continuously cleaning. and even if the dirt-playing child gets sick it will be over soon.
          Immunity is build from comming in contact with that which can be harmful to your health.

          Now, I'm pretty sure that when Grok roamed this earth there were bacteria and virusses around that could possibly be leathal to him. I'm also sure that when he got a severe cut that it could have gotten infected badly. Some wouldh ave died from the infection, some would have survived. like with humans now, it would have been the children and the elderly that would have died first, men and woman in their prime would have had more chance to survive a large infection.

          You can also make the assumption that Grok and his family had great knowledge of healing plants. through experiences and trial-and-error they would have learned which plants could help you through an infection or an illness.

          I think Grok's immunity was strong than ours is today but there would have still been a few things that could have been just as harmfull to him as they are to us. (They probably knew better and stayed away from those things as much as they could)
          My story, My thought....

          It's all about trying to stay healthy!!!!


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            Just want to share my recovery experience on this. The dirty fishing hook punctured the left side of my left big toe, approximately 1cm deep and nearly came out (almost fully pierced).

            After getting the hook out I soaked my foot in hot water with 4 tablespoons of pink sea salt for 1 hour. Prior to going to bed there was very little swelling and discharge from the wound. I kept it bandaged the first night and first 3 days when wearing shoes. During this time there was only minimal swelling and localized tenderness, almost no pain at all. After 5 days the wound is sealed, no redness, swelling, or pain, only slightly tender when touched.

            I am attributing the fantastic recovery to a primal diet, good sleep, and 16 hour daily fasting!
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