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    Byakko I did a food allergy test a few years ago and all got back negative. As a medical laborant myself I started to find out why it got back negative because I'm pretty sure my body can't handle glutes very well nor does it good on starch... it appears that when you have a slight allergy (which can make you feel awfull) the measurements in your blood are still too low to make sense or even detect... allergy tests are great for when you get a heavy allergic reaction but not for a 'little discomfort' as my doctor called it...

    Yep, just try to follow the guidelines but do what feels best for your body... that's what all diets come down to... I just believe primal is the most healthy one of them all

    Good luck!!!
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      Originally posted by Byakko View Post
      namelesswonder: Eggs were what I ate most mornings. I'd add some spinach. I'd try to include vegetables with every meal (it was something I wasn't getting enough of before that). I tried to get as organic as I could but it wasn't possible (and I live in a pathetic little town where you can't get a lot of organic/clean things.) I got grassfed beef when it was affordable, which was almost never ($7 or so for a pound of ground.) I'd have to travel quite a ways to get a lot of Paleo ingredients. Since I didn't have much I had to choose between lunch and dinner and usually that meant not eating lunch (which in turn would make me ravenous by dinner.) I tried not to eat a lot of fruit but I did for the first few days. I thought if I ate enough at breakfast I could go longer without eating.

      I realize thinning hair can be caused by other things (and I admit I was going through a lot of stress at the time, which was mostly health related.) I'll check out GAPS/SCD diet. I'm kind of afraid of elimination diets because I really don't want to mess up my system by reintroducing something that was hurting me. (Pain and I don't get along.) I also have IBS-C (sometimes D but rarely). I realized that Paleo alone was just not helping with my IBS so I thought there might be some bacterial issues that would need more work.

      Neckhammer: Hmm. I never said that paleo MADE my hair thin. As for my goal weight, negative 150 meant LESS THAN 150. I suppose I should have used > instead of -. In which case, my bad. My weight in HS was 151 so I felt less than that would have been a good place to go. My height of 5'3 classifies me as being petite but since I have a thicker frame, I can't say definitively what weight would be good for me. 145 is obtainable…135…maybe. 125…probably not. Therefore, I didn't have a concrete number in mind.

      Allenete: Wow okay. I never said that either. What I was trying to say was, even though I was eating crappy food, PERHAPS I was getting more calories than I was when I was doing Paleo. And obviously I know I was doing something wrong otherwise I wouldn't have made this post.


      I'm not really sure why I'm getting a lot of smart remarks about this. I hope this isn't the norm.

      In any case, the purpose of this post was trying to find a way to heal myself without having to waste time, money and energy finding a professional (knowing I won't be getting any real help with diet from a doctor and how may doctors recommend a nutritionist/dietician). Thanks namelesswonder for the tip about GAPS and SCD. I will do some research into this. I hope that it heals you. IBS sucks.
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        My N=1, low carb made my hair come out in clumps and it scared the crap out of me since I was only 24-25. Added more in the form of not restricting any of it -- potatoes, rice, fruit, minor sugar/sweet whatever -- it eventually stopped.

        New hair growth is still growing in, a year later, it will probably take another year to reach the length of the rest!

        Later learned I have a slow thyroid so it probably contributed. Anyway low carb and my scalp, or my energy levels do not mix!


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          MarielleGO: Weird. But I have always been a very sensitive person to various things so it's just really odd that nothing came up. (As a kid I used to be allergic to chocolate but that went away.) I think going cold turkey into Paleo showed the most drastic results but I may need to make a gradual change (I'm not sure if that's what caused the hairless. I went from sugar burner to fat burner straight and I guess that may have been a shock to my body. Thanks a lot!

          AMonkey: Yeah I've stopped trying to buy "perfect" food because It's not feasible ATM. Or else, I'll get one thing organic and the rest is conventional.

          Nivanthe: I tried to eat vegetables with each meal but I perhaps wasn't eating enough or maybe I need more fat. I honestly don't know what the problem was. But I know I was missing something vital. Also I was eating fruits and sweet potatoes (I did stay away from rice.) I even stayed away from "Paleo treats" (coconut ice cream, paleo breads etc). Sugar is something I struggle badly with so I decided not to tempt myself with anything that I could overdo. (Plus I had a bad reaction to some coconut ice cream least I think it was that).

          I'm glad your hair is growing back and you found out what was wrong. My mother actually has Graves' disease but I'm not sure if I share any thyroid problems.
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