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Living on Choy Sum, Broccoli and Pork?

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  • Living on Choy Sum, Broccoli and Pork?

    I started going low carb / primal. Im a student and my budget is a bit limited tho, so no tasty berry deserts yet then.

    I just buy what I think the healthiest and cheapest in the supermarket (there is no way I can afford organic here in HK).
    I usually buy Choy Sum, Broccoli and Pork for meat. Today I also got some eggs. Besides from that a good number of carrots too. I steam everything in a ricecooker before eating. Before and after I add a few spices, thats it.

    Is this is healthy / primal diet? Where should I improve?

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    I'll bet you can find rice there, no? Make a cooker full every couple days and keep leftovers in the fridge if you have one. Rice doesn't have all that many carbs when you look at it. This might make your life easier, too. Also, is there any beef or fish available? What about liver and eggs? Milk or kefir?


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      Sounds like a good start. See what you crave and what you can afford when the time comes.


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        If you're hungry, you might want to put some fat (butter or bacon fat or what have you) onto the steamed veggies. Steaming everything will probably end up with your diet fairly low fat aside from the meat.

        If you can tolerate dairy, a bit of full-fat yogurt can help fill you up too.
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          What fat u using?

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            Pork is rather high in omega-6 fat which I recommended limiting. I think most people should get the majority of their meat intake from grass-fed ruminants because the o-3 to o-6 ratio is much better (even the CAFO beef has a better ratio if that's what the budget allows). Oh and some fatty fish once a week maybe.

            This does not mean to never eat pork of course, this is just, in my experience, not a good long-term strategy for optimal health because all of the o-6 intake will oxidize when cooking or in the body.
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              I did the same when I was living in Scotland;pork and cheap vegetables. The pork mince from Waitrose is quite lean and I would just pan fry it with vegetables.
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                I'd add some sort of starch.
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                  Originally posted by Drumroll View Post
                  Pork is rather high in omega-6 fat which I recommended limiting.
                  Is there a difference between organic pork or same thing?


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                    Originally posted by sting View Post
                    Is there a difference between organic pork or same thing?
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                      I'll bet you can find rice there, no?
                      I thought that rice was bad? I thought it was ideal to avoid grains.
                      Actually I dont have a fridge, I just buy what I need for the meal and then cook than. Fortuneately I have a supermarket right next door, actually I have three.

                      Im a little confused about the rice input, but thanks alot for all the other inputs.

                      I feel like i have so much more energy everyday after I started living life this. In fact I have so much energy that I cannot sleep at night.


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                        I originally read the topic as "Soy Chum". For a second there, I thought, "Damn, there's a vegan version of EVERYTHING!" XD
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                          In Hong Kong, produce and meat are much cheaper in the wet markets.