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  • intro and advice needed

    hello! just wanted to say hey. my story isn't all that interesting so i'll just do a simple rundown. i have always struggled with weight. i made the decision to get serious in 2007. lost a fair amount of weight with simple portion's all i knew at the time. then i found lc/hf/moderate protein. while i agreed with the reasons why i was eating lc at a cellular level, i didn't lose much eating lc. but i continued, bc i knew it was good for me. in may of '11 i did homeopathic hcg. lost down to a low.did fairly well maintaining and lost 7-9 lbs more putting me at amy all time low in years. naturally, i didn't think i was *there* and was not completely satisfied. what i would give to be there again. hind-sight, ya know? anyway, i loosened my reigns and started the slow regain. and have struggled since. so aggravated about that, but i can't dwell on it.

    decided i need to drastically clean up my diet....and i started moving. i have always, always HATED exercise, but getting a new dog motivated me. she needed to go for walks, so i have been at minimum walking twice a day. i decided that if i was going all this walking why was i eating like crap? so i cleaned it up. i was tired of food controlling me. i went back to lc as eating carbs just sent off binge behavior. so with diet cleaned up and some movement going on. i decided to add some lifting 3 times a week. and adopted a 80/20 principle as far as allowing more overt carby eating.

    i had heard about MDA in the past but never been on as i thought it was just another lc plan and well, i knew lc. but i decided to look it up and have been here ever since. the more i have read, the more i am blown away, that without knowing it, i have been implementing all the principles of PB. right down the way i was moving and 80/20.

    this is starting my 6th week. i do think i have lost inches, and possibly some scale weight, but don't know where i was when i started. i have weighed a few times and measured BF with an omeron handheld to monitor trends. i have weighed/measured a few times in the last couple weeks. and have been a bit puzzled. i felt good about my initial measurements. but since my first weigh and bf% check, i have gone up 1.6 pounds and my bf has gone up .8% my diet is cleaner than it has ever been and i am moving WAY more than i ever have. i don't understand. my diet is mostly ground beef and chicken. some veggies (my gut struggles with veggies), fruit and cream in my coffee. and added butter/coconut oil.

    i'm just walking at a moderate pace 3-4 hrs a week, lifting 3 times week, sprinting 1-2 times a week.

    any ideas? i know the alternative of eating whatever and not moving is not the answer so while i'm scratching my head wondering what the deal is, i know i need to keep doing what i'm doing. but am just curious where the disconnect might be.

    btw, i am F, 39 in oct, 5'4" 154.6# as of this morning...31.3% bf per omeron handheld. (i know they aren't exactly accurate, just looking for trends. was 30.9% on 8/26, 30.5% on 8/28 and then this morning, 31/3%)

    (i put this in meet and greet to but thought i may get more traffic here)

    thanks for any input!

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      How's your energy? How's your digestion? What exactly are you eating? Walk us through an average day's worth of meals.

      Any medical conditions?

      What is this problem with vegetables that you mentioned?
      Depression Lies