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Cutting Back, and no longer hungry. Help please!

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  • Cutting Back, and no longer hungry. Help please!

    Hi all,

    So I've been on a VERY strict primal paleo diet for the last month, mixed in with 40 miles/week running and 3-4 calisthenics or lifting sessions/week. I was making fantastic progress in both strength and running (while looking my best, too!), but as of recently, my muscular tone has started to recede, and it appears that I VISUALLY have my fat in my midsection/torso.

    Just about the time this started happening, I began to realize how little I was eating. I was eating around 1400-1600 calories/day, while maintaining my training load. I now hardly EVER feel hungry, I feel awfully full whenever I eat a small/moderate sized meal, and my body composition has began to turn 180 degrees on me (less muscle, more fat). What went wrong? How can I break out of this cycle?

    First time post, thanks for the help!

    Specifications: 5'7" 145lb. mesomorphic male.
    18 years old, very active lifestyle.

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    Eat more. Of everything.
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      Originally posted by Annieh View Post
      Eat more. Of everything.
      Like, double. Of everything.

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        If you were happy with your progress before, why the switch to "strict primal"? WHAT are you eating exactly??? Please don't tell me someone of your age, size and fitness level is avoiding carbs. "Strict primal" does not mean low carb. Eat a potato. Or five. And more butter on everything.
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          I'm also gonna say cut back on all the running. But yes, eat more too

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            Well lets see if we can explain it.

            1. running 40 miles a week and working out on top of that is a huge endless stress to the body. stress causes the hormone cortisol with I wont explain here but to say it screws with your system. It is the bodies reaction to being chased by a lion and needs to be over with quickly. Long term screws everything up. Dont do it.

            2. Strict paleo means what exactly? If you do think it means low carb and low calories and 1400 to 1600 cal a day sounds like it, then that too is a huge systemic stress involving more cortisol as your body thinks it is starving.

            So your body will think it is starving, think it is being chased all the time and will burn muscle mass for energy not fat and voila you have fat deposits and muscle mass loss.

            I know this is simplistic and incomplete but as I understand it this is what is happening.

            You need to up your calories from fat and carbs and possibly protein too. I calculate my calories for weight loss as 15cal/lb of current body weight so for your needs a minimum of 2200 cal and if you exercise a lot, them likely a lot more.

            Can you give us an idea of what you eat normally in a day? To start with add a few potatoes or yams or white rice to your daily food.

            I would suggest you eat paleo like you want to gain some weight for a few months and let the stress hormones relax and let your body get used to a sense of plenty and see how you do.

            I am not a physical trainer either but I would say stop freaking running. Walk an hour or so a day at a comfortable pace and sprint a few times a week. Lift heavy 2 or 3 times a week for 15 or 20 minutes and dont do more for a month and see how you feel.
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              Classic case of under eating and over exercising. If you're going to be as active as you are, you're gonna to have to pick up the slack with increased calorie consumption. Yes, you need to eat more of everything, but that doesn't really tell you how if you're truly not hungry.

              I would recommend eating more fruit/carbohydrate as they tend to be less filling than loads of protein and fat, which will allow you to eat more and probably feel more energized during exercise.

              But in order to give you more specific advice, we're going to need to know what you're eating on a daily basis, not just the amount of calories.
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                I was actually making great progress during the strict paleo diet for the last 5-6 weeks (sorry, wasn't clear about that). It's only been in the last 5 or 6 days when I've been running into problems. Here's a typical day for me:

                Breakfast: 2 egg omlet w/ spinach and mushrooms

                Snack: Small serving of beef jerky, with 1/4 cup of almonds, carrot

                Lunch: Leftovers (most often poultry + vegetables)

                Snack: Spinach salad, and a carrot w/ 1tbsp. of almond butter

                Dinner: Pork/Poultry dish, with 3-4 cups of spinach salad.

                I'm around 75-100g carbs/day, close to 100g fat/day, and 100-120g protein/day.

                Since, I'm an athlete, I guess I should be consuming far more carbs then I currently am. Same goes for fat. Should I stick with a plan of 4-5 meals/snacks per day? This helps me make sure I'm eating rather shortly after a workout in order to refuel, although it sounds like I should eat a lot more. I can post more, or get more specific if need be to fix my situation.

                From my understanding, my problem boils down to not enough calories/nutrients, and higher cortisol levels.
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                  Yup calories. I'm 5'9, 160 lbs, 35 male. I'll give you my normal day just to compare.

                  Breakfast: coffee with cream and a bit of honey (say 100 calories)
                  Lunch: 6 eggs with 4-6 pieces of bacon an orange and a tall glass raw milk (approximate 1000-1200 calories)
                  Dinner: About a pound of meat with veggies and a small potato (1200-1400 calories)

                  That there is me at maintenance levels. That's about 2500 calories on the low to mid estimate range, and I'm an old fella compared to you.... only working out hard 2-3 times a week for no more than a half hour. Think you may be undereating?


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                    Originally posted by Neckhammer View Post
                    small potato
                    NH confirmed eating carbs.
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                      Originally posted by jakejoh10 View Post
                      NH confirmed eating carbs.
                      What! Did you miss the orange

                      And really if you look at my list I'm probably underestimating my calories, but I didn't wanna sound boastful.


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                        Originally posted by Neckhammer View Post
                        What! Did you miss the orange
                        Damn, missed it between the bacon and milk lol
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                          Great thanks. I feel very lathargic after large meals (1000+ calories) so I'm gonna split my intake amongst 5-6 meals. Any problems with that?


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                            I would hesitate to say eat less often because it would risk eating less actual food. But the problem I see with spinning it out like this is you're never either properly hungry nor properly satisfied.

                            If you genuinely eat a big and satisfying breakfast that should keep you going for several hours. At the moment what you have is barely sufficient to keep a sedentary almost 50yo housewife fed till morning tea (i speak from experience here). Add a couple more eggs, some bacon and grated cheese for starters. Then you would be able to manage another proper big meal at lunch.

                            As for your food, you really need to increase the calories. Instead of spinach salad and raw carrot try roasted veges with extra fat, or cooked and mashed with butter and sour cream. Plenty of meat. Add an egg to everything. Bananas. Avocados.
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                              Originally posted by plindsey206 View Post
                              Great thanks. I feel very lathargic after large meals (1000+ calories) so I'm gonna split my intake amongst 5-6 meals. Any problems with that?
                              The lathargic feel after a big meal is normal.,, Here in Holland the old farmers usually sleep for 15 to 30 minutes after lunch which is for them the biggest meal of the day. We call it the after-dinner-dip.
                              You have to understand that it costs your body energy to process all the food, it makes you tired. try to plan your big meals at times you have a while to relax or even sleep a bit after eating.
                              Also it costs your body more energy to convert sugars to something usable than ready carbs... pay attention to what kind of carbs you eat at that time.
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