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berries: frozen domestic vs. fresh imported

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  • berries: frozen domestic vs. fresh imported

    Now that berries are starting to go out of season (at least around here), I was wondering if there is any difference between fresh imported berries (the ones I see are usually from South America) or frozen domestic ones, either in terms of nutrition or taste. What do you buy?
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    Fresh organic is the best choice for berries, but they can get expensive real quick. Nutrition should be the same.


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      I believe I would take the frozen local. They are usually picked fresh and frozen on the spot instead of traveling miles and ripening on the way.


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        Originally posted by phigment View Post
        I believe I would take the frozen local. They are usually picked fresh and frozen on the spot instead of traveling miles and ripening on the way.
        +1. There are some applications where only fresh will do, but usually the nutrition is the same or even better in frozen since they are ideally frozen at peak ripeness. Also, berries are on the Environmental Working Group's "Dirty Dozen" list (I think they actually expanded it from 12 items since the term was coined) for being highly contaminated with pesticide, so you may want to try to get organic or some that you otherwise know have not been sprayed.


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          I'm +1 on local unless the imported have the USDA Certified Organic label. And because of the dirty dozen list and things I've just googled on my own, I wouldn't eat non-organic strawberries at all, fresh or frozen.

          I tend to think of it this way: the more popular something is (like strawberries), the more BigFood will spray and manipulate the item to squeeze every last unit of product from an acre.
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            Freezing immediately after picking preserves nutrition, while "fresh" food might have been in transit a while, losing nutrients every day. Any food grown for long storage or transport has been hybridized and manipulated to maintain good looks, while sacrificing nutrition and flavor.

            I will take frozen local over trucked-in/flown-in frankenfruit any day.
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              I always have blueberries and raspberries in the freezer as a practical sweetener. Strawberries and blackberries I prefer fresh for texture but there are definitely months when they're flavorless. I could never pin it on organic, etc. so I just judge each brand individually.

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                Frozen organic beats out imported or local that have been sprayed with pesticides.