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What could've caused this HUGE breakout?

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  • What could've caused this HUGE breakout?

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    I don't k n ow if this is a simple answer. Everyone is different when it comes to preventing breakouts. I can tell you for me it is almost always too much dairy or if I use sugar in my coffee. I have been primal since April and am still not totally acne free but my skin was terrible on a SAD diet.


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      Could be .
      Food intolerances can occur in many different ways not just wind & bloating

      Try to remember what u had and work it out maybe .

      When u clear up , re test with the food culprit u think?

      Also could be stress ? Hormones?

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        I have breakouts on around my mouth. Since going primal, my skin has really changed and gotten much better. I had no breakouts for over 2 weeks (have been primal for 3 weeks) and then I had a few days of stress and I got 3 new 'blemishes'. So, I am thinking for me at least it has a lot to do with stress.

        good luck on your quest to figure it out. I like the idea above of working to figure out which foods it could be.
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          Well, what have you been eating in the last week?


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            yeah you are

            Baby if you time travel back far enough you can avoid that work because the dust won't be there. You're too pretty to be working that hard.


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              Some people say that fluoride intake causes massive breakouts and other serious skin issues. You might try a fluoride detox just to see if that helps any.
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                I have been primal since April and am still not totally acne free but my skin was terrible on a SAD diet.


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                  A hot shower will do it, too, for me
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