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  • Pickles??

    I am trying to confirm whether pickles are ok on this plan. I desperately need something crunchy that won't add too many calories or carbs. The pickles I have only contain:

    Cucumber, water, salt, vinegar, natural flavoring, etc. 390 mg sodium, 0 calories, 1 g carb, sugars less than 1g.

    I did a forum search for "pickles" and didn't find anything. for some reason I thought I recalled reading something about pickles being frowned upon b/c of the fermenting in vinegar (although lots of people use ACV and balsamic?). Thoughts?

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    would love to know this too...I have these huge awesome pickles in my fridge that hit the spot when I'm not quite filled up.


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      I don't see why they wouldn't be.


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        Vinegar is fermented and not considered unprimal. Any pickles that haven't been sweetened somehow would also just fine.


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          Search the blog for pickles. There is an article about fermented things there.
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            I'm a big fan of pickles. Eat without guilt!


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              Whenever I see "natural flavorings" on labels, I tend to put it down and walk away. I am extra careful though because I keep a gluten free house for my daughter out of necessity.

              I have to say that it annoys me when people say, "I just make my own." I have 3 kids and work from home, so I am short on time. My DD has Celiacs so I spend so much time in the kitchen already.

              That said, I just made the best pickles and it was so easy. My husband flipped when I told him that I made them myself. I just bought some sandwich cucumbers (they were called pickling cucumbers at the store) and I sliced them up. I bought some fresh dill, garlic and mustard seed, but you can use whatever flavors you want. I layered the spices and pickle slices. I put some pepper on top before putting the liquid in. While I did that, I boiled 1 gallon of water + 1 cup white vinegar (you could use acv, probably) and 3/4 cup pickling salt. Once it boiled, I ladelled it into the mason jar and put the lid on. I turned the jars over onto the lids and they even sealed. These need to be stored in the fridge at all times. Wait 24 hours to open. They are so crunchy and fresh tasting. It didn't take long either so I imagine I won't buy pickles again.



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                My dad made some really yummy pickled green tomatoes last summer. I had a cup of them with dinner tonight. Pickling really isn't that hard. My nephew picked green beans (I have the recipe on my blog.) Cool thing is you can pickle damn near anything. I've been pickling eggs for a while. It's about one of the easiest things you can do.


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                  I used your recipe for pickled eggs last night Diana. Cant wait to see how they turn out, I used raspberry wine vinegrette
                  YAY PICKLED STUFF!


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                    Ohh... that sounds WONDERFUL! Please let me know how it turns out! I would love to try it myself!


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                      TX... did you boil the vinegar too?

                      I keep a HUGE jar in my fridge during the summer with sliced Cucumbers, and vinegar... One of my kiddos draggs it out daily and gets a bowl full!


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                        @periquin: As I mentioned, I did a forum search. Mostly what I got were journals talking about people's menus which included pickles. I also thought I had previously seen a pickles post but couldn't find it that way.

                        @Diana and TX: I may have to try that!! I do love to cook but pickling isnt something I imagined myself doing. I really want to add them back into my diet b/c I find that I have a need for something crunchy!! I grill my broccoli, which satisfies me most times, but a pickle would be fabulous!
                        "If you won't be better tomorrow than you are today, what do you need tomorrow for?"


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                          pickling really isnt very time intensive and you can make a lare batch at once. (peeling eggs takes a while)

                          Then you have jars of ready to eat food chillin in the fridge. Gotta start buying vinegar in bulk now...


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                            @Twinmamma - Yes, I did boil the vinegar with the water. I also left some room at the top when I filled it with the liquid. My dd loves them by the bowlful as well. This morning she wanted some pickles and boiled eggs for breakfast. lol.


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                              I haven't had a problem with pickles. That said, I also prefer to avoid anything with "natural flavorings" on the label. Refrigerator pickles (no canning necessary" are easy to make yourself.

                              Another idea for a crunchy, low-carb snack -- jicama!
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