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  • Getting sick?!?

    Hi everyone!
    One of the great things about following PB is that I never get sick anymore! It's awesome. Having said that, this past week has been crazy busy and I haven't gotten nearly enough sleep... I woke up this morning feeling a little phlegm-y and stuffed up. I have a big weekend coming up, and I was wondering if anyone has any tips to fight this off before it gets worse?

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    I'm a huge proponent of Oil of Oregano for whatever ails a person ; without knowing whether you've been exposed to a virus, are merely run-down, or have an allergy, I'd turn immediately to oil of oregano.

    If you're unfamiliar with it, oil of oregano is available at all health stores. You can Google for tons of info, and I highly recommend having a read through The Cure is in the Cupboard

    Hope you have a great weekend

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      Neti pot or any other kind of warm saline solution rinse will help loosen up the crud in your sinuses. Sinus soothing tea & ginger tea will help keep things clear. Eat well & drink bone broth!
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        I drink baking soda when I start to feel anything come on. Sounds weird, I know, but google "baking soda and colds and flu".


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          I second the neti pot! It'll help clear out the congestion. The oil of oregano is a good thing too. You could also try taking a mega dose of garlic capsules (get the odorless). Garlic also has anti-viral properties like the oregano.
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            Hm. Goods tips guys, thanks!

            Drinking baking soda! Yikes!

            Since I'm learning now that the old CW is often false - should I be pumping myself full of liquids like I've always been told to when I feel something coming on? Vitamin C?


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              Take some good naps, and get a decent nights rest!!!


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                Take a lot of vitamin C, google it. There was a doctor curing polio with high dosages of it in like the 1940's. I take up to 20,000 mgs a day when I feel like I'm coming down with something.