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Help with bone-fusion surgery recovery

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  • Help with bone-fusion surgery recovery

    Hello all,

    I'm rounding the bases trying to game plan my recovery from my upcoming Disk Fusion surgery in 2 weeks. There's a couple things i'm hoping to get suggestions for -

    The healing of the bones. Are there any foods that may help speed up the fusion process? Has anyone tried anything and had success with broken bones or the like? I'm having a disk replaced in my neck and part of the replacement will have bone shards. They estimate a year before I can get back to normal physical activities and I'm hoping to speed up the healing process.

    Because of the nerve damage sustained from the herniated disk, I have significant muscle loss on my left side. shoulder, lat, pec, tricep and forearm. I would very much like to get this back if possible. There's a chance it's permanent but i'm hoping because pre-accident I was healthy and in shape that I will be able to rebuild these muscles. Any particular foods/nutrition I should try and target to help get the muscle back?

    I will also have a noticeable scar on my neck from the incision. Does anyone have any natural topical or nutritional remedies that will help heal it and minimize the scar?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, I can provide more details if needed.

    Thank you all!