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critique my food diary please!

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  • critique my food diary please!

    I had a very bad few days of being fed by other people, and for me one slip leads to another, and another...

    Anyway, this is a new week and I have a full fridge. I am in the UK and on a tight budget, my chicken and eggs are free range, beef is grass-fed, ditto lamb, pork is probably grain fed but not factory farmed (rspca freedom food as a minimum but i try to source outdoor reared wherever possible). I am not over-keen on green vegetables

    So I think the last few days have been pretty good, please feel free to critique

    monday: B-black coffee (wasn't hungry), L-mackerel fillets canned in olive oil (oil drained off), cucumber, tomatoes, pickled beetroot, iceberg lettuce, grated carrot, dressed with lemon juice, D-homemade meatloaf (beef mince, pork loin steaks, bacon, carrots, onions, gherkins, various spices, egg), sugar snap peas (primal? not entirely sure but i hope so), small roasted sweet potato
    tuesday: B-black coffee, mid-morning-banana, L-leftover meatloaf, slice red leicester cheese, D- chicken breast stuffed with garlic, herbs, butter and wrapped in bacon, carrots, broccoli
    today-B-black coffee, banana, L-beef stir fried in butter with onion and mushrooms, cup of chicken bone broth, D-leftover meatloaf, cucumber, tomatoes.

    I drink loads of water during the day and fruit teas in the evening mainly, cook in as little oil as possible mainly and try to eat mindfully so as not to over-eat (difficult when the meat is so delicious!)

    I know I haven't specified calories, % fat, carbs or protein or even weights of meat. I intend to listen to my body, but if i don't lose weight over the next few weeks then i will address portion sizes etc. I try to have half my plate meat and half veggies. I don't want my eating to be complicated, but I do want to be healthier and lose weight.

    Exercise-I walk everywhere, so 1.5 hrs a day doing school runs and 1hr dog walking. I like to run, 30 mins or so 2-3 times a week but I am slooooow

    I have a tendancy to binge eat and have quite a lot of weight to lose (40lbs) so does this look like ok food consumption?

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    Hi and welcome,

    It looks pretty good to me - but I'm no expert.....

    There is a protein ratio in the book - something like 0.7% of lean body mass.

    Unless you have alot to loose - weight loss can be slow, which I'm finding myself, but I'm enjoying the other benifits. I'm also prone to weekend 'treats' which are not good.

    Welcome and good luck.

    Primal - June 3rd 2013
    Starting Weight - 150lbs
    Current Weight - 150lbs
    Goal Weight - 130lbs
    (Female / 5'4")