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I had healthy numbers before Primal. Shoud I expect high cholesterol?

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  • I had healthy numbers before Primal. Shoud I expect high cholesterol?

    Before I started Primal (about 2 1/2 months ago) all my numbers were fine. No red flags of any kind. I started Primal to lose weight and realized how much more satisfied I am being Primal. Now that I have been Primal I have lost some weight and I don't have some of the digestive issues I had before, but other than that I feel pretty much the same. I love eating this way but I have been reading some posts on this website that have me petrified that my previously beautiful numbers will now cause shock from the doctor (not to mention the insurance company which requires us to get blood tests every year). I don't have the slightest idea which of the cholesterol numbers should be high or low or whatever, but the last thing I want is for my cholesterol to shoot to 300 or something and have freak outs all around so that I have tons of explaining to do. I don't want to argue with the Dr. and justify myself when my numbers were great before. I would appreciate encouragement or the hard truth if necessary before I completely freak out myself.

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    Dunno, should be fine, but get the report and post it when you get it. We can help then . Otherwise, don't stress about something that hasn't even happened!


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      I posted my pre and post primal lipid numbers a week or so ago (they're on this forum somewhere). I had good pre-primal numbers and they didn't change much after a year and a half. LDL went up a little and triglycerides went down.


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        Thanks. That makes me feel so much better.