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    My squashes, orange kabocha, taste reaaaally starchy, like potatoes. I don't care really, but while eating a large squash just because I love the taste, how's the carb count? I wouldn't eat that much potatoes, either

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    When kabocha is just harvested, it is still growing. Therefore, unlike other vegetables and fruits, freshness is not as important. It should be fully matured first, in order to become flavorful. First, kabocha is ripened in a warm place (77 F/25 C) for 13 days, during which some of the starch converts to sugar content. Then it is transferred to a cool place (50 F/10 C) and stored for about a month in order to increase its carbohydrate content. In this way the just-harvested, dry, bland-tasting kabocha is transformed into smooth, sweet kabocha. Fully ripened, succulent kabocha will have reddish-yellow flesh and a hard skin with a dry, corky stem. It reaches the peak of ripeness about 1.5–3 months after it is harvested.
    Kabocha - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I have kabocha squash growing in my garden.... I did not know about them continuing to ripen after harvest.... could be why they taste starchy!


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      And what about carbohydrate content, when fully ripened, then?


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        Originally posted by toscamulder View Post
        And what about carbohydrate content, when fully ripened, then?
        I found this:

        1. Kabocha is like butternut squash's sadly underappreciated sister. A single cup of kabocha has forty calories compared to butternut squash's 60, and has less than half of the carbs of butternut squash (7 grams vs. 16 grams).
        8 Reasons We Love Kabocha Squash | Mojo Foods


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          I eat these all the time. Cooking blogs put the water fraction about equal to butternut squash so that's probably the closest estimate (about 52g carb - 9g fiber per pound).

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