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Want to add a 2nd, complimentary daily juice

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  • Want to add a 2nd, complimentary daily juice

    Hi everyone,

    I've been juicing for two months now and after trying a couple different combinations I have been doing a daily juice with:

    one celery heart
    one bunch of flat parsley
    5-6 kale leaves
    one green apple
    one peeled cucumber
    1 to 2 inches of ginger

    I want to start doing a 2nd juice later in the day and have been trying to figure out another good combo to compliment the one earlier in the day. I'm focused more on the juice being healthy than taste. I was thinking maybe a romaine lettuce or spinach based green juice that's low in sugar with an ingredient like apple cider vinegar or something similar to ginger.

    Thanks for any advice!

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    Why don't you eat the romaine and spinach as a salad?


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      Your juice sounds very interesting, I shall try it! One of my favourites is a combination of celery, beets, carrots and a little ginger. Delicious.

      Courgettes (zucchini), with lettuce, cucumber and mint is a lovely refreshing juice too.

      One of the reasons which I like to juice is that I can get lots of vitamins and minerals without too much fibre (which does my gut no favours at all). I eat veg, obviously, but large quantities of any veg other than roots has a disastrous effect. And as I read everywhere that over farming and exhausting the soil has led to many vegetables being mineral deficient, juicing seems the best way of maintaining higher levels of mineral intake (and vitamins) without condemning myself to extra hours in the bathroom...


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        Cilantro and tumeric are both very healthy.


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          Yeah, breadsauce, eating the amount of vegetables that are in my daily juice would not be fun. Plus, I hate kale. Oddly, I like eating carrots but am not a big fan of carrot juice. I want to give beats a try, I've heard they're great to juice with.

          Thanks, Zach, cilantro and tumeric are both great suggestions, just the kind of addition I was looking for.

          Thinking about it today, I'm going to look into romaine lettuce and broccoli, although I haven't tried juicing broccoli yet, with a more watery vegetable, maybe celery, and add cilantro, tumeric or both depending on availability.

          Thanks for the suggestions everyone!