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Overeating + fasting?

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  • Overeating + fasting?

    Any thoughts on the effects of doubling calories for 48 hour fast? Anyone done this?

    Bit of a background in my case I'm 190lbs following a 1600kcal/day diet but I'm thinking of jumping to 3200 for one day then fasting till dinner the day after next.

    Keeping less than 30g net carbs for that meal, will net calories be low enough that my body's glycogen storage could absorb all the excess? (planning to eat after a 24 hour glycogen depletion fast)

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    muscles can hold up to 200 g of glycogen. empty them before the meal by exercising hard and intense for half an hour or less

    I think it's not a bad idea of losing weight, in my high school first class I got to 130 lbs from 14lbs in a 3 weeks or something like that

    but I was skinny fat anyway be sure to exercise, that's really important

    I think you can eat even 100grams of carbs safely if you have some muscle

    I will be normal. I will be NORMAL again


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      Bit of a background in my case I&#39;m 190lbs following a 1600kcal/day diet but I&#39;m thinking of jumping to 3200 for one day then fasting till dinner the day after next.</blockquote>

      I think slow-and-steady is a safer and better strategy. It&#39;s often said that losing around 2lbs a week is best. I believe there&#39;s also statistical evidence to show that those who lose moderately (~ 2lb./wk) tend to keep it off. Under-eating can play havoc with your metabolism; you also risk not getting all the nutrients you need.

      I actually think there&#39;s a cultural habit in the West in modern times of looking for quick fixes for anything and everything -- always thinking about the end and never the means. This is often me to a T, I&#39;m afraid. It&#39;s all of us.

      I honestly believe that with most things it is better not to pay too much attention to ultimate goals and focus on the here-and-now. I would eat only slightly under what you would be eating if you didn&#39;t want to lose weight, making sure to get a good range of foodstuffs in the right sort of proportions. If at the same time you up your activity level just a bit, you can hardly fail to lose weight - but in a slow and safe way.

      If you want a diet book written by people who understand about the importance of balanced diets, good natural food, and those all-important fat-soluble vitamins I&#39;d try Sally Fallon and Mary Enig&#39;s book: