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Why was I so low on energy this morning?

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  • Why was I so low on energy this morning?

    This is day 7 of going primal and I've been feeling fabulous ever since shortly after I started. I really have never felt better or had more energy in my life.

    However, this morning was the first that I woke up feeling tired and a little groggy. I ate my usual 3-egg omelet with spinach and arugula, mushrooms and avocado, along with a slice of watermelon and water. Soon afterward, I was still feeling hungry so I snacked on cashews, pine nuts and carrot sticks. But I continued to feel tired and sluggish until lunchtime. I had my usual lettuce wrap with sliced turkey, cheese, tomatoes and mayo, along with unsweetened applesauce and unsweetened iced tea. I also had a few squares of dark chocolate.

    Just a few minutes after eating lunch, my energy level skyrocketed and now I'm feeling good again.

    Last night we had tacos and I debated eating the tortilla shells (made from blue corn) but decided to go ahead. I had 4 of them (yes, I was hungry!). Do you think the extra carbs from that might have made me sluggish this morning? I realize there could be other reasons, unrelated to my diet, that I was so tired, but I'm wondering if that played a part.

    Also, if I have another morning like this one, any ideas for what to eat that will give me some extra energy?


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    When this happened to me I started eating the fat off the ham to give me a pick up!!


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      It was more than likely either the tortillas or a night of poor sleep. If the tortilla shells weren't organic, they were probably made with improperly prepared, GM corn and soybean/canola oil. Did you get to bed late or have trouble sleeping?


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        Mommyto4 ~ funny thing because I'm on Day 7 (after falling off the wagon in August) and today is also my first day feeling low on energy, whereas the prior 6 days I wasn't tired when I woke up & had energy to spare. In my case, I'm attributing it to TOM (which will strike any day now) and the fact that it's Monday.

        Hang in there & let us know if you find a good way to boost your energy. I love learning from others' experiences.