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    Maybe you're not familiar with "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"?

    I found Joanie's post amusing and apropos.
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      Originally posted by Graycat View Post
      I certainly can't be the only one who thought the original post had no point.
      Humor is a Good Thing.



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        Alas the most intelligent animal on the planet can't figure out how to feed itself.

        The scientists who produce food are always going to outnumber and outpace the scientists who identify what's in the food so we just slip further behind.

        My peculiar nutrition glossary and shopping list


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          Originally posted by jackmormon View Post
          Thank you Joanie. If all of the "opinions" being spewed forth on the forum nowadays were here 9 months ago when I started a Primal lifestyle I would have run for the hills. The nonsense spewers/carb evangelists are actually hurting people by confusing them whether they realize it or not. Or maybe that is their goal.....
          It was here. This kind of contradictory advice has been around since I joined. The topics change a bit (some of them, anyways) but there's always people here looking at different research are reading different blogs for different ideas that may work better than what they are currently doing.

          It's only a bad things for the newbies who get sucked into it, and for the people that take it personally, which is where the stupidity tends to happen.


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            Ah. NOW I get it!