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'VLC is not a good idea'

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    Oh well, if anyone is really taking in too many carbs, I guess it will show up on the scale soon enough.
    It will show up on the scale if you go from VLC to even merely low carb. The problem is too many people only care about the scale. I'm carrying an extra 4lbs these days, and I look and feel better.

    And I do think that carbs and fats are equal in terms of benefit to a body. They both offer positives. Not all carbs are just "junk".
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      Originally posted by magnolia1973 View Post
      I feel like for some people, it might be necessary to do more than low key exercise to be healthy. I think though if your body needs it, then it isn't forced. What you do for your health should always make you feel better.
      See that is where varying your volume and frequency to coordinate with your intensity comes in. It's programming of training for maximum effect. No need to keep exercise low key. But you reduce volume as you increase intensity.

      On LC you could, or at least should be able to (unless you are metabolically unfit/unhealthy) perform 2-3 max effort high intensity type events a week IMO. Outside of that you should be able to work at a lower rate of intensity and higher volume (move frequently at a slow pace) almost indefinitely.

      But hey thats my thoughts on "health". If we are talking athletic events like crossfit, then you have to allow for practice time. Yet that practice for form and such should usually be at sub maximal effort levels and not require as much resources for recovery.

      Finally, yes there is a whole lot of N=1 to this, and even more so when you get outside of talking about "general health" for the average Joe. So if you are an elite competitive athlete or aspiring to be one then you obviously need some very accurate progress notes regarding your training and your diet to optimize performance.


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        Just for fun!

        Why Weight Watchers is actually a low carb diet The Eating Academy | Peter Attia, M.D. The Eating Academy | Peter Attia, M.D.

        I know.... I'm such a troll.


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          This carb curve argument is happening in entirely too many threads to keep track of. I swear I just posted something this morning about the ones arguing against the curve's accuracy are "usually" the more active people/those who lift weights.