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  • Social situations???

    Random question.

    What do you guys normally do when you are invited over for dinner to someone's house who does not respect your Paleo/Primal lifestyle at all!!!

    Several times I've been over to people's home who have fed me wheat, sugar and processed food.

    I can't do this anymore I feel awful and am soo bloated from all the gross food!!!!!!!

    I could bring over meat and salad and ignore all of their requests to NOT bring over food?????

    How do you all handle situations like this???

    Thanks guys!!

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    Tricky situation. Usually there is something you can eat, and I would try not to fret about some sugar, or chips for example, and semi primal things like rice or legumes or even homemade cake if it looked amazing.

    But if they only have processed food I do think that's a little bizarre, I mean they haven't exactly gone to any trouble for you have they?

    If you're sure it's going to happen again then I would eat at home first, just take the smallest helping of whatever and pick at it, push it round your plate and try not to let them notice you not actually eating it.

    And it's not a bad idea to take something with you to "add" to the meal, it could end up being all you eat but at least you have shared it.
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      Yeah what I call processed food is more non-real food. Anything with ingredients that can't be read or interpreted as anything real.

      Hubby said I should just tell people I have celiac disease and am lactose intolerant.

      Am seriously considering it LOL

      I'm soo puffy and feel soo gross right now!!!!


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        I am gluten intolerant. If someone did not respect my food choices to the extent where I couldn't trust them not to poison me, I wouldn't be eating there unless they were comfortable either with me eating before I came and having a drink instead of dinner, or me bringing a safe dish for the table.


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          Good point!!!! Sooo going to tell people this from now on.

          It takes about three days of feeling gross to flush it out with water too!!!

          Never again!!!


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            I would just ask for wheat-free. That strikes most of the bad choices out.
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              Honestly most of the parties I go to don't know anything about paleo/primal. They just think that I have some kind of eating issues so I don't bother explaining it. I try to stick to any kind of meat veggies or salad. If I eat anything non primal I go for the desert. Mind you I don't have anything life threatening that if I were to consume grains or anything wheat, I wouldn't die. You are in control of what you put in your mouth...if the host/hostess insist you eat something then say you have food allergies.


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                Hubby said I should just tell people I have celiac disease and am lactose intolerant.
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                  Yeah, tell them you have IBS or something, I do, you don't want to try and explain them why wheat etc is not a good idea.
                  Medical stuff they won't try and argue with, 'diet' choices they will!!!
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                    Rather than calling myself celiac (bad liar and difficult if people are there who know otherwise) or going into any tiresome explanation to justify my choices, I sometimes say I am on an food exclusion trial to see if it fixes 'some issues' (vague) so am avoiding grains for now. People assume it is a doctor recommendation, and it doesn't sound long term so no one gets into a froth about it. Its is a trial, I just happen to think it will work out!


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                      I let out a string of obscenities, throw some of the offending food around the room, flip the table over, storm out of there with a loud slam of the door, then hop in my truck and burn rubber, knocking over garbage cans and running over their lawn if it's conveinient.


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                        Don't eat the food. Be social, have a drink, and don't eat. Don't ask for anything special, maybe bring a healthy dish to pass.

                        I spent a long time being a vegetarian and unless it was a sit down dinner, I never let people know.

                        I saw a girl in college blow up at a guy who brought bean dip made with lard to a pot luck. She was vegan. Here this nice guy had brought a cherished recipe to her home (it was his grandmas) and got blasted by some ugly *^&^^ who could have eaten anything else. She was so classless, tacky and rude. Most people don't think that their "coolwhip/reeses cup/brownie tornado" is gross. They didn't make it to taunt you. They made it because they thought you would like it.

                        For me, if something non-paleo looks really awesome, I will try it. If it just looks kind of meh- packaged brownies, chips and salsa etc. I just quietly pass.

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                          I don't have noticeable reactions to small amounts of foods I wouldn't usually eat, so I just eat enough to be polite, focusing on the best of the choices available. But if there were things that really made me feel awful, I would make some sort of vague reference to something IBS-like and a food elimination diet. Nobody wants to talk about diarrhea, lol.

                          Something like celiac still allows a lot of sugary, seed oil ingredients, plus you would need to be up on the details of celiac disease. That makes it a tougher excuse to use.
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                            I'd not make too big of a deal out of it. Just let the host know before hand that you don't eat dairy or gluten and again, offer to bring something so it wasn't a 'hassle' for them. If you get there and there isn't anything to eat (which is rare, there's usually something! I often pick cheese out of salads), then just have a drink and don't fret. I will carry a lara bar or bag of nuts in my purse to keep me sane during these instances. If people ask questions, just tell them about the Paleo/Primal diet in a relaxed sort of manner, tell them how great you feel and leave it at that. No need to lie...just stick to the simple truth


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                              Eat a huge primal meal before going. Then tell them you respect your body too much to eat their sh!t. Seriously, if they don't respect you enough to offer you atleast a salad then turn around and say NOT to bring anything, are they really people you want to hang out with?