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  • Primal Experts Advice Needed A.S.A.P

    I wasn't sure whether to post this under nutrition or the athletes forum but I would appreciate any serious and educated comments as quickly as possible.

    I just finished my 3rd week of intense training for my first bikini competition. The workouts consists of 6, 30 minute cardio sessions first thing in the morning on an empty stomach in sweat clothes and a sweat belt. After the run I'm to eat breakfast of 1/3 cup of oatmeal, 1/2 cup of blueberries, 1tbsp chia seeds and 1 scoop of whey protein.

    Once breakfast is completed I'm to head to the gym for approx. 2 hours of training with weights and another 30 min. approx. of HIIT training and abdominal work 3 times a week after weights. This program is followed by another protein shake with greens and a banana.

    Lunch is around 12pm which is 1/2 cup of brown rice which I switched to wild rice, 4oz chicken and 2 cups of broccoli with a kiwi.

    3pm snack is 1 cup no sugar greek yogurt with 1/2 blueberries.

    6pm Dinner is 4oz sweet potatoe, 4oz lean protein and 2 cups of green veggies.

    9pm is another protein shake with almonds and suggested (rice cakes which I never eat).

    I'm an athletic female 5.7" and 155 pounds, my weight needs to drop along with my body fat. I'm 9 weeks out from competition and I feel like I'm hitting a wall with my training. My results are no where's near where they should be compared to my efforts. I have not lost 1 pound on this regimen with little to no changes in body composition. I'm hungry all of the time and just recently struggling to complete some of the harder workouts. I'm cranky and on edge most of the time. My coach who has very successful clients doesn't seem to be offering the support that I need to fuel forward on this challenge.

    I'm trying to tweak this program in a way to get my body to respond efficiently daily through workouts and lowering body fat while building muscle.

    Any advice or words of wisdom, experiences or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. This challenge so far has been one of the most difficult things that I have ever done in my entire life an I'm feeling like I'm failing at the program and required nutrition to obtain the proper body composition.

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    You might want to consider ditching the cardio. See #6 in this list
    17 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight | Mark's Daily Apple


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      Yes I understand that but my coach does not. I'm trying to keep my heart rate lower while doing the required cardio. His girls win these competitions but I'm afraid it's under extreme conditions. What should be the max. Amount of carbs daily should I aim for while training for almost 4 hours per day??


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        You might want to consider ditching the coach along with the carbs. So what if your coach has successful clients? It's probably not the coach who is successful; it's the genetics of his clients. If your genetics are different, then your coach's program won't work for you.

        As for what to eat -- just go and read Mark's "21-day Total body transformation." Or click the "Start Here" button on his website.
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          agree it sounds like lots of starchy carbs if you're trying to cut. how far out is the competition? when do you need to be ready?

          just wondering if you know how compliant your coach's other clients actually are with his menu?
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            Yeah, I bet you're hungry. Tell your coach to try and survive on that shit and see how he feels. I'm with oxide, if you don't have it get Mark's "21-day Total body transformation" if you want to follow a primal approach. When I was in my 20s I did similarly what you are doing. Except, I was doing Weider's protein shakes twice per day with some lite snakes/fruit and eating a regular meal at night. I got down to single digit bodyfat at around 180lbs but I felt like crap and it was not sustainable.
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              Originally posted by 5islands View Post
              His girls win these competitions but I'm afraid it's under extreme conditions.
              To be honest, I don't think you're mentally prepared for this contest.
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                I would ask Jordan Feigenbaum over on the Starting Strength forum. He has his own Nutrition forum.
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                  I'm mentally prepared for this competition it's just that I'm doubting his approach at getting lean. I appreciate the comments and unfortunately the coach has my large deposit of money. He just recently upped my cardio again to 1 hour now first thing in the am on an empty stomach in sweats and a neopreme belt followed by breakfast and then cardio for 15 minutes followed by two hours of weights and then cardio for 30 min after that. Abs and Lunges every evening. He then lowered my calories daily so now I feel like someone with an eating disorder. I'm mentally there and doing the program, I would just like to maximize results. I've been doing research on carb cycling, any thoughts on that? There has been minimal changes in composition following this advice so far. Comp is 9 weeks out and yes I have the 21 day challenge and most of all the other books on this site. I went crazy with nuts so I didn't achieve the results that I should have achieved following it.


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                    My thoughts? You should listen to your coach whom by your own admission has a lot of experience with this. I seriously doubt he'll recommend carb cycling at this point though, seeing that you have to lose at least 15 pounds over the next nine weeks if you want to look decent on stage.
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                      Geeesh Kharnath, you sure know how to make me feel good about myself. Little harsh, 15 pounds can be lost easily if I put my mind to it and more over the next 9 weeks. Any bodybuilding site advocates carb cycling for fat loss. Just wanted to know people's opinions or experience. My coach wants me to have a lot of carbs daily, I will cut it back however I don't want to bonk during workouts..


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                        Listen, you're not losing weight at the moment, which means you're not in a calorie deficit. Your coach is going to ask you to reduce your caloric intake soon to rectify the problem, and he won't ask you to get rid of protein or fat - those are the essential macronutrients. He'll ask you to cut down on carbohydrates. And you can expect him to reduce your calories even further in a couple of weeks.

                        I'm sure you're healthy and good looking compared to most girls, but 5'7" 155 pounds is borderline obese in a bikini contest. Carb cycling may not be in the cards for you. But why don't you ask your coach and see how he feels about it? After all, you're paying him a lot of money. And he probably knows a lot more about bikini contests than anyone in this forum.

                        Sorry for being a douche.
                        Yeah, my grammar sucks. Deal with it!


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                          Unfortunately, the Primal Blueprint isn't enough to get most people into bikini competition shape. It's designed to make us healthy and fit and look pretty good naked, but it's not designed to make us underpants models. If that's the route you want to go, you'll need to try some less-than-healthy tweaks, or listen to your bikini competition coach.
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                            I'm not so sure that the coach is going to tell the OP to cut carbs. He seems to be on the wrong diet track so far. If anything, she needs to ASK the coach what his future intentions are rather than following him blindly every day.

                            This menu is throwing a LOT of red flags. In fact, it seems to check off ALL the fat-retention boxes: too carby, too full of fake food, and may be too high in overall caloires. Three scoops of whey powder is excessive. Dairy is known to stall fat loss, and a cup of yogurt is a LOT of dairy. Oatmeal and rice are filler carbs and not good for much. Bananas and sweet potatoes are nice but you don't need that many carbs; maybe cut in half? Nuts are supposed to be great but I'm finding that they just stall metabolism. Too many snackies in between meals.

                            You should be eating three solid meals of fatty meats, eggs, more berries, more leafy greens, and get rid of all the non-veg carbs.
                            5'0" female, 45 years old. Started Primal October 31, 2011, at a skinny fat 111.5 lbs. Low weight: 99.5 lb on a fast. Gained back to 115(!) on SAD chocolate, potato chips, and stress. Currently 111.


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                              Is 15 lbs enough?

                              OP: do more strength, less cardio and you will be less hungry. I used to live on the elliptical and all it did was made me hungry all the time. Lift some weights and your body with thank you. Maybe add some HIIT. Stop eating chia seeds and oatmeal and eat some real meat/seafood instead of whey. Whey is good for a quick release of protein post-workout but nothing adds muscle on me more quickly than red meat.
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