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    I am 6'2'' 200lbs at around 12-13%bf... I am trying to do the leangains recomp and it has me at a 2905 calorie TDEE with 267g protein/453 g carbs/67g fats on training days and 267/78/105 on non training days. I have never cooked all of my own meals let alone shopped for them. I only have 75-80$ a week to spend on food. I wanted to set it up like this- Workout followed by meal 1- 1000 to 1500 cals meal 2- 1000-1500 cals meal 3- Protein shake with oats, olive oil, peanut butter, banana equates to around 800-1000 cals. Problem is that I do not know where vegetables would fit into the equation... seems like they would fill me up without meeting any of my macro needs. Looks to me like I need to buy chicken, rice, beans, oats, potatoes, pb in bulk weekly, but what else?? How would I go about building these 1000-1500 calorie meals? I wanted to keep it as simplistic as I can.

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    Also if I only train twice a week instead of the recommended three, I am eating low carb and below maintenance 5 days out of the week... at that point should I just increase the calories to maintenance on off days and slightly above on the two training days but keep the macros the same?