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    Whatsup guys,

    have a question... I eat ice cream almost everyday, and not a regular one, or a scoop or whatever... A big ass Cold Stone one, with a two brownies in it, a lot of fudge, sometimes peanut butter cups, etc.

    I am not worried about becoming fat, because thank God my body just doesn't gain fat quickly... However, I am worried about diabetes n shit... that shit is annoying! What are the odds of having a problem caused by eating this much sugar? How easily is diabetes triggered? :unsure:

    I know a lot of people tell me ur young, don't worry about that, what do u guys think? I just started working out around 4 times a week for short 35 minute session...

    Also, when I was little, all i did was eat candy and sugary stuff all day long but no problem... But it is true that I used to work out so much more then... :-)

    I do not drink soda EVER! Avoid any kind of very sugary stuff, no HFCS, no fast food, haven't eaten pasta in a long time, much less bread than before, I try not to eat much processed food (But sometimes when im hungry at 3 in the morning, there arent many places open...), organic fruits whenever I can...

    One other thing is, I NEVER smoked in my life, never took any drug and don't ever drink... So I am careful with my health, its just this goddamn sweets (especially ice cream) thing... It's not that I can't stop eating it, it's that I don't think it's that bad, for a couple of reasons...

    One is that I don't drink sodas, or any other drinks with processed sugar or any other kind of sweetener... So much of my sugar comes from fruits, and if I eat a couple sweets here and there...

    Second is that I read how sugar affects insulin and stuff, and the main way is that when we consume excess sugar and don't workout, the sugar doesn't turn into energy, so it starts being stored in the body, spikes up insulin levels, is turned into fat,etc... Well, I started working out again, and now I am trying to do it after eating a sugary meal, which I think regulates my insulin levels, so there shouldn't be a problem...

    What do u guys think??

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    I'm inclined to take this as being a really long troll post.

    There must be more than 100 grams of carbs in the icecream alone, let alone anything else you're eating. Once a week, okay, but 'almost every day' - stop kidding yourself.


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      Ok, but stop kiddin yourself is not really a reply... Stop kiddin myself about what ? about the fact that it is bad for me because ? What I asked advice about is diabetes, nothing else... So tell me why you think this could cause it...

      in the primal blueprint book, 100-150 grams is considered optimal if we workout, and that's about what I'm eating... And no the ice cream is not more than 100 grams, I just checked, it is true that it's around that though... Now I just had a big ass salad, with avocado, chicken breast, and yes some more carbs, it included a chopped up pear and about 4 strawberries... But how bad is it if it still falls within the 150 grams that are OPTIMAL?


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        I apologize, but going on about icecream in your first post on a Primal forum sounds suspiciously like a troll, so I wasn't going to expend any energy on it.

        With your icecream, you're not talking about functional, nutritious carbs spread over the day, or an occasional one-off spike. You're talking about a daily spike. Sugar is 50% Fructose, so a good portion of those sugars are gonna dump on your liver and make it work hard. And all the carbs in there from sugar are empty - NO nutritional value whatsoever. Plus there's dairy products - dairy is not primal. Many of us include it, but at some point you need to test out whether you have sensitivities to it. Brands vary, but there may also be other additives in the icecream. So that's something you might want to check out.

        It seems like a waste of carbs to me - no nutrition there and lots of fructose (in the sugar) which is hard on the liver.

        Having said that, many of us do include non-primal treat foods on a reasonably regular basis. Mine is two lattes with a teaspoon of sugar, and several squares of dark chocolate.

        Given the other information about alcohol, avoidance of sweets etc, I don't think you need to worry about diabetes. My concern is more for the long-term harm that high blood sugar can do to the arteries; hopefully one of the more educated peeps on the board will have some info for you. Possibly with the high fats, it might be a moderate GI food.

        I'm sorry for being so snarky.


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          i'm not quite sure where to begin here, because my diet is far from perfectly primal, but i do try my best.
          i'll just go with the first thing that caught my eye here, and say that the first ingredient in cold-stone ice cream is cory syrup. so if you think you're avoiding that stuff just because you don't drink soda, you've really gotta check into reality, ingredient-wise. you are probably consuming so many things that you don't even know about right now.


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            Vanilla: SWEET CREAM ICE CREAM (Cream, Nonfat Milk, Milk, Sugar, Corn Syrup, Guar Gum, Cellulose
            Gum, Carrageenan, Mono & Diglycerides, Polysorbate 80, and Annatto Extract), FRENCH VANILLA
            (Corn Syrup, Water, Pasteurized Egg Yolks, Sugar, Water, Natural Flavor, Natural Color (Annatto and
            Tumeric), Sodium Benzoate and Potassium Sorbate (preservatives))

            Sodium Benzoate: don't eat that shit, ever, its poison. Especially with vitamin C present. damages your DNA.
            Mono/ diglycerides are fats made from any of an assortment of seed oils which are most definitely not primal.

            Don't eat this rubbish. At least find a natural brand that contains cream, sugar, eggs and vanilla and not all that other stuff.


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              Originally posted by deon10 View Post
              But how bad is it if it still falls within the 150 grams that are OPTIMAL?
              It's not just about total carbs, it's about the KIND and QUALITY of carbs. 150g a day from veggies, fruits, nuts, etc? Fine. 150g daily from sugar and corn syrup? Not fine. Even if your daily ice cream contains 150g carbs (and probably more), you're still consuming trace carbs the rest of the day (that pear has 20g+ alone) so your daily total is easily over 150.

              You need to figure out WHY you're eating so much ice cream every day. I mean, I'm a chocoholic but if I were to eat a substantial amount of chocolate every day I'd get sick of it pretty quickly. What are you trying to fulfill/accomplish by eating so much every day?


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                I used to be that bad with ice cream, but I've found a reasonable substitute:

                Half a can of rich coconut milk with a bit of vanilla extract and nutmeg and/or cinnamon mixed in poured over frozen mixed berries.

                I'd actually rather have that then ice cream now.


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                  Can't believe nobody mentioned the obvious: that Burt Baskin, co-founder of Baskin-Robbins, died of a heart attack at age 54, or that Ben Cohen, co-founder of Ben & Jerry's, had a quintuple bypass at the age of 49. Sure, an ice cream a day is great for your health. *no smiley*

                  Also, I have to agree with Helen of Oz, if you're going to indulge in ice cream, it should at least be something all natural like Breyers Natural Vanilla (contains Milk, Cream, Sugar, and Vanilla Beans) or something similar. You do not want to be eating ice cream made from corn syrup, like the Cold Stone brand. In fact, you don't want to eat anything made from corn syrup -- ever!


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                    To answer your question, since you've read the book, go back and read about insulin. Your abviously young, dumping all that sugar into you blood causes excessive amount of insulin reaction, as you get older the pancreas gets tired and you become insulin resistant. Type II Diabetes. That's a short version of what will happen to you over a period of years. So stop eating that crap!