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Ghee and K2

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  • Ghee and K2

    I have been controlling my lymphocytic colitis for years now using a dairy free diet. The one nutrient I think I miss because of this is K2 Mk4, as I understand it is only found in the dairy of ruminants.

    Over the last year or two the colitis has been effectively non-existent, and a couple of challenges have shown I can eat 'normal' quantities of dairy and the only ill effect is a little sinus congestion. The fear of the colitis returning is too great for me to become a daily dairy eater, but I am considering adding in Ghee more regularly. Ghee has very little lactose or casein, so it is much less likely to cause a reaction.

    What do you think of this plan? Does Ghee have enough K2 to make it worthwhile?

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    Tough to say. I've actually never seen a measured quantity, just the obscure reference that it is a good source when the cattle where grass fed..... however, if you want therapeutic levels you may be better off looking into "high vitamin butter oil".

    Here is a reputable one Butter Oil - Green Pasture
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      Thanks for that suggestion. There is even a local mail order company so I don't have to face import pain.

      At about $1 a day though, it works out quite pricey, and I'm not sure I want to spend that much.