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How many carbs a day do you have?

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  • Thats the thing, I'm no longer eating a ketogenic diet. It's full of fruits (plantains and bananas) and root vegetable (potatoes and yuca) Been doing so since about march this year. Unless the test is flawed and something happened to skew the results.

    I will say, though I was more than 12 hours fasted, the nights before food/drink contained a considerable amount of alcohol in the form of hard cider.


    • Originally posted by heatseeker View Post
      It wasn't until the past few months when I started following the Eat to Perform method that my workouts really started achieving liftoff and my strength went back to gains instead of maintenance. I should give credit where credit is due, and mention that when I first got into lifting and thought about maybe eating some carbs a year and a half ago, Choco helped me out a lot with macros and lifting schedules. So thanks, Choco.
      Thanks! I remember our PM exchanges from way back when. I'm so glad they helped and things are working out for you. You sound like you're in a much happier place, and that makes me really happy. Keep it up!!
      Don't put your trust in anyone on this forum, including me. You are the key to your own success.


      • Probably most appropriate place to ask without creating new thread

        For calorie distribution is it safe to go for something like this:

        1) On slow movement days keep carbs 50 - 150g and prioritize fat
        2) On Lift Heavy Things and Sprint days focus on carbs and keep fat as low as possible
        3) Have some moderate split like 33c/33p/33f on some days

        Kind of struggling with this as low carb worked only for couple months for me.



        • I can only give you a rough rundown of what I do, but it took me a while to figure out worked specifically for me, so you'll want to tweak and experiment. What I do is pretty simple. My TDEE is around 2500 calories. My TDEE -10% (so a slight caloric deficit) is around 2200. So on heavy lifting days (actually, the day before, since I train early in the morning), I eat 2500 calories of mostly protein and carbs, less fat. It roughly comes out to around 250g carbs, 150g protein, and 75-80g fat. On metcon days, where I'm doing mostly cardio with lighter loads, I eat 2200 calories. Protein remains the same, carbs drop to 150g, and I just solve for fats. On rest days I also try to hit 2200 but I'm not always hungry enough--though if I don't hit 2000, I pack some food in after dinner. I always try to hit at least 2000 no matter what. And protein is always 150g (my body weight); I just solve for carbs or fats depending on the day.

          This is a huge change from a few months ago, where I was getting 1200-1500 cals per day, with no attention paid to macros (besides keeping carbs low). My workouts were stalled and I was tired all the time, and I couldn't lose any more body fat--the losses I'd been enjoying just petered out. As soon as I switched to fueling my workouts and eating to TDEE, my workouts rocketed forward and my BF% started falling again.


          • I just do not understand this adamant stance that people hold regarding the importance of macronutrient ratios and fat loss. Ultimately, IMO, from experience, it's about hormonal health and calorie intake (these two things are highly interconnected).

            I lost 100lbs as a low fat/high carb vegan at the age of 43. I am also female. The only exercise I introduced was walking every day. That was enough to help get my body in a better place without introducing stress.

            From my understanding, different people are satiated to varying degrees with different macronutrient profiles. We're all different and to proclaim that everyone would thrive to the same degree on the same diet is ludicrous.


            • I commend your stance on polymorphism but ultimately have to disagree with you entirely. We're all different. But we're not so different that we can be each successful on a completely different and unique diet of our own. We are also not so different that we're sated by completely different macronutrient ratios. Try eating a pound of cow liver in one sitting. You can't. Add some bread and divide that into 3 meals; you might. This is why macronutrient ratios still matter. Protein easily by itself induces satiety. Then comes fat. Carbs do too but what gets confused is the glucose hunger that you feed and need in its absence; if you're having a ketogenic orgy of fat and protein fest, you start to hunger for carbs. Why? Is that because you're not sated by protein and fat?

              Completely different. That's your yen for glucose, not satiety with regard to fat and protein. You're only wired to be a fat-burner intermittently, not interminably. That's your body yearning for glucose as a preferred and easier form of energy source.

              Originally posted by Leaflard View Post
              From my understanding, different people are satiated to varying degrees with different macronutrient profiles. We're all different and to proclaim that everyone would thrive to the same degree on the same diet is ludicrous.