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I've stopped counting...I think I'm getting DTs

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  • I've stopped counting...I think I'm getting DTs

    For several months I have tracked food intake with an app on my phone. Function is very similar to

    Recently, a buddy (who I intro'd to MDA) ribbed me for "counting." It made me realize, that while I did do it on an after-the-fact basis, I was becoming a little reliant on it.

    On May 1st I stopped. I figure I have really "learned" how I should be eating and to just let things take their natural course by doing so. That said, I still feel a little...naked...without my crutch.

    How long do most of you continue to count/track? Do you do so on a continual basis or just occasional?

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    I track when I stall. Right now I'm stalled. It appears I'm eating more protein than I actually need, so I'm working on reducing that.
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      I have a similar issue. I was tracking all my food in Daily Burn in addition to my workouts. I still track my workouts to make sure I am progressively overloading and gaining strength, but I am happy to report that I last tracked my food on April 8th! Wow, I had to go look it up and that is truly amazing. I have gone nearly a month without tracking everything I eat. I do record what foods I eat on my journal here at MDA, but I don't do quantities and macro breakdowns like I was doing in Daily Burn and Fitday.

      Initially, it was useful to see how much fat I was consuming since I came from eating a low fat diet with high protein and moderate complex carbs. I really struggled with adding enough fat to get my calories up. Now, I use my hunger as a gauge and watch the mirror for additional input.

      The thing I like about Daily Burn is the bar code scanner, but when you start eating more real doesn't always come with a bar code and is therefore , not in the database...which is a really good thing.

      I am scheduled to take another picture and measurements on May 22nd and I will probably enter my food all week just to get an idea of what percentages of fat, protein and carbs I am eating.
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        I've been tracking for 3 months now, and track despite of PB recommendations otherwise. I use a great iPhone app called loseit! that uploads all my info online, and spits back at me lots of useful data and charts accessible on the phone or on any computer. I really enjoy the visual feedback with tracking my weight, and seeing the line go down. Its a minimal intrusion into my everyday life, I don't let it keep me from occasionally enjoying my 20%, and its done a great job of keeping me accountable. Its really great to know where I stand on a day-to-day basis in terms of how much fat and protein im getting, where i have wiggle room, what i need to be eating more. Given these tools, I don't see why anyone would actively recommend against it. I began tracking--and losing weight--about a month before I started PB, so I still think its due equal credit in my loss of 25 lbs of fat.


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          I use(d) LoseIt! too. It's a great app. Was able to go from 195 to 185 via calorie-restricted CW nutrition. More recently I have used it to track macros and to maintain lean mass and decrease body fat. Sittin' just under 180 lbs now. 5'10" and 13.8% BF (as of this AM).

          Plan to use PB to get to 10% BF and maintain lean mass.
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            I was resistant to tracking for a long time, but just started again two weeks ago. It's really helped me, as apparently I had gotten a little bit sloppy in both my diet and exercise habits. Plateau BUSTED


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              I have been PB since the end of December and I have just started tracking,
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                I have been tracking for a year up until yesterday. I am going to just go with the flow and eat based on how I feel. Wish me luck!


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                  I used to track all the time now it's only once in a while.I still keep track of work outs. Loseit is a good app


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                    I do fitday once in a while but really as an educational tool rather than a daily calorie counting, to get a sense of a typical 'day in the life'. I don't see any point or benefit to logging everything you eat, it seems very excessive / unhealthy to me.
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                      I haven't been tracking, but wonder if I should. I'm big on eating 'naturally' but PB is so counter-intuitive to my lifetime of CW eating - particularly in the fat department. I've always eaten some fatty stuff - but with a view of it being an indulgence. I worry that I'm going to overdo the calories.

                      If you have spare time up your sleeve and like doing the tracking, is that an issue? Health and fitness is like a hobby for a lot of people, I don't see a problem with being attentive like that if you enjoy it. It's only an issue if you'd rather be doing something else.


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                        I started this out by not tracking except in very vague terms ("good" "okay" "planned cheat" or "D'Oh" were in my little book next to the word "food"). I did have some carb rules that I tried to stick to.

                        At some point I started counting rounded calories, and then when I plateaued I counted calories and carbs... didn't work for me. I went a little insane (binge eating, strange compulsions, some overtracking/overcounting/recounting stuff). Now I'm trying to go back to the general "Nice job" or "could be better" or "it was a special occasion" kind of assessment and see how it goes.
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                          I either track my food or stay sane, and staying sane is a top priority for me. Grok didn't log everything he ate and neither do I.
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                            I mean the difference between merely "tracking" in the strict sense of the term--just writing it down in a notebook--versus using an online tool like fitday or loseit is the added value. Data is always more powerful when it can be displayed in various ways. By looking at data in different ways, you can gain more knowledge about what you put in your body, trends about the same, as well as correlations related to those trends. Don't knock it if you haven't tried it.

                            Obviously you can have tons of success without it, but the same could be said for a healthy person who's never looked at their blood test results.


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                              Mirrorball--Grok didn't use the internet to communicate with like-minded people either. It doesn't render the internet a useless, un-primal tool