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  • What to pack for lunches?

    I am currently 2 weeks into a construction job. I pothole. Sometimes it's strenuous, sometimes it's easy. I'm mobile for part of the day. But the crazy thing is (it's even allowed according to labor laws), is were not allowed to go anywhere for lunch. We have to bring a lunch. No leaving in company vehicles the boss says...

    Well I've brought my lunch but I just brought conventional foods like bread for sandwiches. This was before I started lchf/Paleo...

    So what would someone recommend packing a lunch for a work day?
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    A good place to start is leftovers from the night before. If that isn't possible then go with a big salad, whatever dressing you want, and a big old chunk of meat in there. Since you're doing construction, I'm guessing you're gonna need some carbs in there. I'd recommend some baked sweet potato fries or a couple pieces of fruit.


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      One more thing, go with some glass tupperware and wash and reuse it everday. Saves money


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        My lunch is usually romaine lettuce wraps filled with cheese, leftover meat or deli meat, avocado, and tomato. With that I have a banana with almond butter (I put a spoon filled with almond butter in a Baggie). If I need more food I'll also pack fruit, carrots or a handful of nuts. No need to cook anything and it works great in a small cooler lunch pack.


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          Leftover or cooked ahead of time steak or chicken or bacon, or really any kind of meat you don't mind cold (if no microwave)

          Fruit or dried fruit

          Hard boiled eggs

          Cut up veggies

          Baked potatoes that are cooled and then fried in butter are good cold too


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            You're all Incredible and very supportive. Thank you.
            Big brains discuss ideas
            Average brains discuss events
            Small brains discuss people...
            -Eleanore Roosevelt


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              All good ideas....could throw in some macadamia nuts or walnuts or almonds too.....
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                You could get some fruit leathers if you want a prepackaged carb that's easy to store in the cooler as a backup. Some flavors of canned Progresso are okay room temperature. Those and Larabars are my go-to quick lunches (beef jerky gets too expensive to buy on a regular basis since I'm celiac and can't have most brands but is a good option as well).

                You can also get rice paper wrappers and use those to make a sandwich wrap. I'll make them in the morning and if I double up on the wrappers they are still good at lunch after being stored in a cooler.


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                  Canned Tuna or Salmon
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                    Make a BLT, but instead of bread, get 2 large pieces of chicken (skin on) to hold the "sandwich" all in. I put mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomato and avocado-so good with the chicken and bacon. I found the recipe from Mark's PBP cookbook and modifies it with some extra fixings!


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                      Frittata (a slow-cooked, Italian style omelette) is great cold and you can make it with almost anything that you have left in the fridge. Shredded chicken, ham, bacon bits, sliced courgettes, sliced and sauteed peppers, onions, grated parmesan all spring to mind. Beat the vbeg/meat/cheese into the eggs along with seasoning before cooking (rather than spreading over the half-cooked omelette as you normally would). Chill and slice.

                      Do you eat carbs? (Thinking of your job). If so rice salads with all sorts added is nice. Or potato salad (with vinaigrette to avoid nasty mayo).


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                        The romaine lettuce wraps with various meat fillings is what I normally do in a pinch or a BAS with various dressings and meat tossed in.

                        I also keep various nuts (almonds, walnuts, pecans and Brazil nuts usually) on hand. I buy them from TJ and oven roast them for a bit with some coconut oil, cracked pepper and fine sea salt.

                        I've also plan to start making my own Jerky to have on hand for the emergency pinch...lots of recipes on here.


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                          I'd like some advice on this as well. What do you guys think about adding these beef sticks to a lunch:
                          Network Solutions E-Commerce Web Site - Gluten Free

                          I'm thinking about a beef stick, a hard boiled egg and some raw veggies.

                          I'm just nervous about the beef stick, since it is processed, although it does not have msg or nitrites. Sodium is about 340
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                            I take the same thing everyday. Some sort of meat, bite-sized veggies (2-3 kinds, try to get some different colors in there), coconut oil, fish sauce, lots of cayenne pepper or sriracha. I don't have a long leisurely lunch, so it is all about getting some food in. I save my creativity for when I am eating at home.


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                              I've just made a picnic for tomorrow, I have 2 egg thin omelette wrapped around ham and a little soft cheese, carrot and cucumber sticks, couple of bits of jerky and a handful of cherry tomatoes. In your position I'd have some fruit as well, and probably some nuts too.