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Another disservice of the health movment - using the word "fasting"

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  • Another disservice of the health movment - using the word "fasting"

    I think the health movement is doing a great disservice to the notion of what is basically not-eating-all-the-freaking-time, what is known as Intermittent Fasting, by calling it fasting.

    I'm doing Leangains now, eating in an 8 hour window, or basically just skipping breakfast. Am I FASTING? Seriously?

    When I told my mother I was doing Intermittent Fasting she almost got a heart attack (Jewish mothers....)

    The word fasting has a strong and very serious connotation and I think it's completely out of place and probably scares people off of it. I think reversing the term and calling it Intermittent Feeding Window or something similar would be not only more accurate but also more "marketable".

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    Nate Miyaki has latched onto that with his Intermittent Feast book, same thing, different connotation for most.

    I agree with you, he talks more about meal distribution and feast rather than fast. But the IF train rolls on and is gaining popularity, it'll be a fad for the most part, some people will make it a way of life, most will look for a new holy grail.


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      It would be hard to market "Skipping Breakfast". (aka SB)


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        I totally agree. Calling not eating for 16 hours 'fasting' is ridiculous. The same can be said with respect to others like the 5:2, downdays, etc. They are low calorie days, it is not fasting.


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          I agree with you here....I never use the word "fasting" to describe what I do to those outside the community. It has a religious and zealotry connotation that I don't like.

          Anything past 36 hours is a true fast. Before that is just eating later in the day
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            Good thing they stick "intermittent" in front of it as a qualifier then.

            "You can't skip breakfast, it's the most important meal of the day!!1!?" <-- it's still extending the time period without food for these people.


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              I don't use the term fasting either. I just say I don't eat breakfast. I told my sister that and she freaked. "You can't NOT eat breakfast! That's bad for you!"
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                More often than not, I eat one meal a day. But it just doesn't sound as sexy as Intermittent Fasting.
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                  It started with the science and not the bloggers. Fasting is the accepted term for baseline glucose/insulin/etc. that occurs 3-4 hours after a meal but I definitely agree that it's horrible in an advice context, especially for the SADdicts that might benefit the most. "Meal planning" is my subtle term for it.

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                    Originally posted by picklepete View Post
                    Fasting is the accepted term for baseline glucose/insulin/etc. that occurs 3-4 hours after a meal...
                    That sounds like BroScience


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                      Originally posted by JoanieL View Post
                      More often than not, I eat one meal a day. But it just doesn't sound as sexy as Intermittent Fasting.
                      Yes. I like the term for that reason. Sound cooler than just skipping breakfast-which is what I've naturally done most of my life until I got convinced it was bad for me. I'm much happier this way. Just eat when I'm hungry.

                      Also, I like the link with religious fasting. Makes it sound kind of zen instead if just trendy.


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                        I don't use the term fasting either, mostly because it feels like an exaggeration of what I do. I tell people I don't snack, because I think that's had a huge impact on my weight management. And I sometimes tell them I just have coffee with a bit of cream for breakfast.

                        If they give me grief about that (horrors! the most important meal of the day!) I'll blather on a bit about IGF and then ask them to show me one piece of peer reviewed literature that shows a negative metabolic effect of skipping breakfast. I work in the R&D department of a biotech company so an appeal to the literature generally shuts people up, even if they're not interested in the facts.

                        I think most doubters would be interested Michael Mosely's fluffy little documentary, "Eat, Fast and Live Longer". It's very non-threatening.
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                          This is kind of silly. Even the word "breakfast" implies that fasts can be short periods of not eating.

                          Are you saying that Muslims fasting during daylight hours in the month of Ramadan are not truly fasting?
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                            Well, heck. I think the health and nutrition community is doing a major disservice to Americans by not pointing out that perma-snacking is a major cause of weight gain. As long as most Americans eat so frequently that there is no time period between meals whatever, IF will be off the radar.


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                              I'm glad to have found this thread today. I am new to PB and was just starting to wonder if regularly not eating breakfast was bad. No more worrying, I'll just eat when I'm hungry! Thank you!